Bioware Asking "What You'd Like" in a Mass Effect Trilogy Re-Release

Bioware's Edmonton & Montreal studio GM, Aaryn Flynn, has been canvasing for opinions on a Mass Effect trilogy re-release in a NeoGAF post.

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DarkOcelet1536d ago

1080/60fps . Better graphics , better textures and make us get Mass effect 3 full achievements/trophies without playing online and make our choices matter this time around .

XiYakushijuAkeginuXi1536d ago

8k and 960 fps! Make it happen!!

decrypt1536d ago (Edited 1536d ago )

Get a PC, its already there.

8k on masseffect can easily happen. For the 960fps you would need tri sli GTX 980, with a 5GHZ+ CPU lol(still wouldnt get to 960fps though maybe in the 100's)

XiYakushijuAkeginuXi1536d ago

1 billion k

1.2 billion fps


blitz06231536d ago

Just want all DLC included. And smoother framerate

VenomUK1536d ago

Of course Bioware won't change the story, but a couple of things I'd like to see improved:

* The games are already in HD so a proper remaster of the graphics with 1080p 60fps with higher resolution textures can definitely be achieved in a game that isn't open world. TLoU demonstrated it can be done.

* Ignore 'parity.' Make the game so it utilises the strengths of each individual console. Rumble triggers in XBO, touchpad and DS4 audio on PS4.

* Voice commands on 1-3 for all consoles.

* Include all DLC including Javik from the ME3 Special Edition. He is an important character, a Prothean who shares some fascinating insights and history about the last cycle of the Reapers; which is especially important considering the threat in the universe! I got him free with the N7 box set and was stunned that it was not included as standard. When Bioware revealed a list of most played player characters he was understandably at the bottom of the list. So I think all ME players should get to play him.

* Remove the long load times (ME1 lifts).

* Add audio narration to ALL entries in the Codex, and make sure the text font that is large enough to be readable from a couch.

* ME3 was obviously focused on the main quest life or death quest. But it would be good if more minor NPCS, quests and locations are added because they help depict the game world more and I feel 3 lost some of what the first two games had.

* A demo teaser of the new Mass Effect gamer.

Cynical remasters designed to cash in on loyal fans are a dime a dozen. But if done with love and care like The Last of Us Remastered or Halo: MCC then I would happily tell Bioware & EA to shut up and take my money!

donthate1536d ago

All I want Kinect One support, like the original ME3, but make it on all of them.

Include all the DLC!

vishmarx1536d ago

nothing. go back and continue working on ME4 or hopefully(wishful) kotor.
im getting sick of this remastered bullshit all year round potentially delaying actual new games.
ive already played all me games just fine on console and so have a crapload of other people.heck ive even bought most of the dlc foe 2 and 3.

DevilOgreFish1535d ago

Besides enhanced visuals and all DLC included, controller support for the pc trilogy would be nice.

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Blaze9291536d ago

uh no. How about just Mass Effect 4? Honestly - this is starting to seem like one big ass next-gen conspiracy these companies are in on. So we just gonna get remasters and remakes this entire gen? REALLY?

decrypt1536d ago (Edited 1536d ago )

This is exactly what i have been saying all along. Console gamers are getting excited for nothing.

Paying again to get what? the same game just an upres and better fps.

I thought people chanted here that console gaming was supposed to be cheap. How is purchasing the same games again and again cheap.

This same upgrade is given to a PC user for free on all games ever purchased (could be worth thousands of usds) when they upgrade their hardware in a 4-5 year cycle.

Realise PC gamers now buying GTX 980s or even owning Fermi or kepler based cards can run games in 4k Res then down sample to 1080p(DSR) all for free for whatever game they bought last gen.

Economically i find it ridiculous when corporations are rereleasing the same game on consoles and the same consolers are chanting how cheap console gaming is lol.


agree with you guys.

@ Bioware...

No thanks.

GTA5 and TLOU were arguably the pinnacle of last gen and at least the very two games truely deserving of a next gen remaster.

MCC, well it gets a pass for it being Halo 2's 10th birthday.

I am sorry but ME I don't think is deserving in anyway. Why not focus on a truely next gen mind blowing Mass effect experience built from the ground up for next gen consoles... ah I know, because your owned by EA!

Gamers really need to get their act together and not pony up to these cash-grabs.

The publishers should just say it.. we don't want to make new games anymore, we are just releasing remasters of our back catalogue.

Dead Space 1 was my favorite new IP of last gen, but as much as I love it I would not want a remaster of that. I would rather they focus on new IP's with new experiences to offer.

This is really getting stupid that I pad £400 to keep having remasters thrown at me.

ManAnimalX1536d ago


"uh no. How about just Mass Effect 4? Honestly - this is starting to seem like one big ass next-gen conspiracy these companies are in on. So we just gonna get remasters and remakes this entire gen? REALLY? "

Your getting warmer......keep following that rabbit down that gets warmer.

umair_s511536d ago (Edited 1536d ago )

1) Make a significant visual improvement
2) Make a significant Ui improvement
3) Worth while gameplay improvement
4) Brand new content

FullmetalRoyale1536d ago

The big deciding factor, for me, would be that all dlc must be included. No way in hell I'd buy a collection, then still give them more money for dlc.

medman1536d ago

Man, I love Mass Effect as much as anybody but I've played those games so many times I wouldn't buy the remaster....ME is my favorite trilogy in gaming and I choose to let the great memories I have of the franchise live on in memory and not go back to it. Of course, I say that now...when I see gameplay my love for the series may sway me and levitate my wallet from my trousers offering payment for the marvels I've seen.

Halo2ODST21536d ago

Instead of just visuals, maybe some new content to expand upon the game not just making it "look pretty"

Tsar4ever011535d ago (Edited 1535d ago )

Holy Shit, It's being discussed! Had a feeling it would eventually come to this especially since how successful all the other cross-overs and remaster are doing. This is SOOOO elementary!! All BioWare has to do is code the the PC version. The pc version is as good as it comes, the consoles are pc's, so cross coding/port it should 10 times more easy. Copy and paste the pc version, trans-code the keyboard/mouse controls to each consoles game-pad, give the port a fat juicy 1080p/60 texture res pack update. And the ultimate condition of this remake is that BioWare have to give us ALL ADDONS AND DLC INCLUDED, NO MORE SHADY MICRO-TRANSACTIONS!! GIVE US EVERYTHING, and I'll gladly pay $60 again for Mass Effect Trilogy for my PS4.

Now, all Bethesda need to do now is ask gamers what they would want in a Skyrim remake for the new consoles. They mind as well do it, since Elder Scrolls Online more or less Bombed!!

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Immorals1536d ago

If they did what has been done with mcc, I'd be very happy.

Halo2ODST21536d ago

It would of been good if they added some of the deleted missions or enemies or any of the deleted content, which there is a lot of instead of just Graphiczzzz

Masterchief_thegoat1536d ago (Edited 1536d ago )

I was thinking of getting the series for ps3. but i hold on to it, hope it get a tmcc treatment and not a wack port

SideNote1536d ago

An epic ending and seamless gameplay through all 3 games.

TheLeapist1536d ago

I'm Commander Shepherd and this is my favorite idea in the thread. Have it be like one massively huge game.

UnHoly_One1536d ago

In all the times I went back and replayed these games to do different things with different Shepards, one thing I always hated about the first one was how horrid the gunplay is when compared to 2 and 3.

They improved how the combat felt SO MUCH that it made it very hard to go back to ME1.

It would never happen, but I would love to seem them revamp the first game to play the same as 2 or 3.

SoullessCorpse1536d ago

Giving it the MCC treatment and maybe allowing the full achievements/trophies in ME3 without online play would make me happy

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