Just Cause 3 to be announced next week?

Avalanche Studios may be gearing up to announce Just Cause 3 next week after alleged screenshots of the game leaked online.

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KendrickLamar1536d ago

Please, please, PLEASE!

Just Cause 2 is one of the funnest games I've ever played. Everyone who has played JC2 will agree.

I've been waiting for this game for years!

I can't wait for Just Cause 3! Even heard they've got an improved engine adding incredible detail to everything.

avengers19781536d ago

Nothing beats grappling people to exploding tanks and send them skyward

Wenis1536d ago

Yea JC2 was awesome. But the developers really need to add Online mode to JC3!

KendrickLamar1535d ago (Edited 1535d ago )

I think after JC2 online gained a lot of support, they'll obviously put online in the next installment.

avengers19781536d ago

I'm thinking it's kinda already been unoffically announced... Seeing as this is the third or fourth article I've seen on it this week

WeAreLegion1536d ago

Please don't screw this up.

-Foxtrot1536d ago

Feel the same way

Judging by the leaked pics with the MT in them looks like they could of already :|

Wenis1536d ago

Don't see how they could screw it up.. The first 2 were great, and its the same developers

2cents1536d ago


Hear Yee, Hear Yee... This is an announcement to make an announcement that in the coming days there shall be an announcement pertaining to this announcement that... errr. 'I forgot, why are we doing this again? oh yeah'...
eh-hem Just Cause 3 shall be announced... Thank you.

On topic: Cant wait for some next gen sky diving!

josephayal1536d ago

JC3 will surely be Xtreme AWESOME, My PS4 is ready

OB1Biker1536d ago

Yea I do hope its not an exclusive.

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