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"Not bad for a game starring a mostly mute goliath who punctuates his sparse sentences with bullets. Between 2001’s Halo: Combat Evolved and 2012’s Halo 4, times have changed. The fall of Reach was chronicled in Halo: Reach, players got to drop in from orbit in Halo:ODST and original developer Bungie handed the series over to a new studio that was set up with a specific mandate to produce Halo games, 343 Industries. With that handover, we’ve also entered a new era in the life of Halo and the Master Chief."

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DarkOcelet1537d ago

So let me get this straight . Most Halo games are above 90 on metacritic and you give it an 8.5 . I am not a big Halo fan because the last one i played was Halo 2 but for the package only it deserves a 9/10 . And its 1080/60fps so thats awesome .

xHeavYx1537d ago

Wow, talk about faulty logic
" other people rated the games 10/10, so the collection should automatically get 10/10"
Fanboy logic at its best

Halo2ODST21537d ago

it has halo 4 in it, thats why it got a lower score

darthv721537d ago what is your take on this remastered compilation? do you think it should be given high marks for its improvements over the original like TLOU or do you think the score should be lower?

You are getting all 4 games remade in one nice convenient package. Just like Ratchet collection, Jak collection, Sly Cooper collection, God of war collection.

No score could really equate to the amount of content you get in a nice collection such as this but they had to give it something. Personally (as a fan of the story) I give it an automatic 9 but that is just me.

DarkOcelet1537d ago

You do realise that i said the last Halo game i play was Halo 2 and that was years ago :/ . So how can i be a fanboy lols .

xHeavYx1537d ago

Well, first of all,I don't think comparing a 4-game bundle to a single game is a fair comparison.
Second, I don't think that conteant and score go together. I didn't like FF XIII and it's a long game, but I had a great time playing Journey.
Third, some people may have had a lot of fun with a game 13 years ago, that doesn't mean that, just because the game looks prettier snd had some improvements, it should get a higher score.
Back to my main point,I think it's silly to say " other people loved this game, you have to love it too and rate it higher than freaking 8.5"

VegasDawg1537d ago

You're the only one saying it as far as I can see.

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Farmassy1537d ago

aren't these the people that gave sunset overdrive a 6 or something? yeah... I don't trust their reviews

Halo2ODST21537d ago

wow, 60fps & 1080 res = 10/10
???, games should not be rated on visuals

Neonridr1537d ago (Edited 1537d ago )

I dunno, after reading that review the whole way through the score doesn't justify the words. I mean the reviewer had nothing but great things to say about the package... so 8.5 seems a little off

turdburgler10801537d ago

The tard just gave it a lower score because it was click baiting people.

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spence524901537d ago

I think anyone giving this less than a 9 is being silly.

shloobmm31537d ago

No reason this should get lower than a 10 on package content alone. You have 4 triple A games with a host of improvements.

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