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"The beautiful thing about this collection is that it holds the entire core Halo titles. The ones about Master Chief specifically. Yes, I was a little upset when they announced the title and saw Halo 3: ODST, Halo: Reach, and my personal favorite not in the mix. But maybe in a couple of years we can either get a “here’s the Halo that doesn’t have Master Chief in it” collection – maybe. But I digress--this is after all the weakest complaint one could have about the Master Chief Collection, but I do have some other weak ones. More on that later. "

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Sneakybudda1533d ago

Dude its freaking ten out of ten not an eight point eight nor a nine but a ten because its so freaking awesome and epic!

Unreal011533d ago

Oh my god. Really mate? Jesus.

Sneakybudda1533d ago

Well it looks like you cant take joke!? Dude really you unreal? Allah.

Blaze9291533d ago

Nah he's right lol. This collection should honestly not be getting ANYTHING under a 9. A 10 to be honest but whatever. FOUR full games will multiplayer, two completely redone, a beta, and s short series, all for $60? Mind you these are the games that defined an entire generation(s)?

10/10 - a review isn't even needed.

Muadiib1533d ago

The equivalent to using Jesus as a swear word (I hate it) would be to use Mohammad not Allah, I double dare you to do that cos Muslims couldn't give two hoots about Allah, they hold their "prophet" in much higher regard for whatever reason (idolatry).

spicelicka1533d ago

wth are you saying and why are you saying it here, I've been reading halo reviews all morning and that's what I wanna read. Somebody please close this post before it gets out of hand.

turdburgler10801533d ago

The only reason this sad excuse for a site gave it a lower score was because they want more traffic on their site.

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Masterchief_thegoat1533d ago (Edited 1533d ago )

great score. damm still thinking, every fun moment I had on first xbox and 360. thanks 343 can't wait to show my skills again.

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Mister_Audrey1533d ago

It isn't a 9 because of Halo 4 and 343's Halo 2 multiplayer, isn't it.

I knew it.

Allsystemgamer1533d ago

There is classic halo 2 multiplayer.....

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