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"Although Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary was a noble effort to remaster the original game that brought first-person shooters on consoles into a post-Goldeneye era, I couldn't help but feel a bit underwhelmed by the overall package.

I enjoyed the idea of replaying the original, but there weren't enough bells and whistles to keep me interested for a lengthy period of time. Enter the Master Chief Collection, which not only gives you the remake of the first game, but a fully-featured remaster of Halo 2, as well as Halo 3 and 4."

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Septic1536d ago

The game deserves a lot more scores like this one! This should be sitting on 95 on metacritic at the minumum! Ah well

MeliMel1536d ago

I commented a few weeks back that it should automatically be 10. Then I read the digital foundry piece and scaled the score back to a 9.

TheRedButterfly1536d ago (Edited 1536d ago )

Yes, because the /main/ thing being reviewed is the frame-rate, not the game.

I_am_Batman1536d ago (Edited 1536d ago )

@TheRedButterfly: Since this is a remastered collection of games that have already been availiable a lot of reviewers focus on how good the remaster has been done compared to the original games as opposed to how good the games are overall. So yeah resolution, framerate and presentation in general might have a bigger influence on the score when the core of the game is still essentially the same.

I personally don't understand why anyone would care if it's a 95 or an 88 on metacritic. This is an established franchise that doesn't need much advertisment to sell. If you are remotely interessted in Halo and have an Xbox one you'll most likely pick it up and enjoy it anyway. I haven't played a Halo game yet but this collection is really making me want to get an Xbox One because now I can catch up on the series and look foreward to Halo 5.

Automatic791536d ago

Scores don't determine the level of enjoyment we are going to have from this package. Just glad it was done right and so far MS and 343 are respecting what bungie has done with the first 3 titles on this package.

Unreal011536d ago


Here you are again. Dude, let it go. It'll level out in the mid 80's.

Trekster_Gamer1536d ago

Septic is right. The best remastered game collection EVER deserves incredible review scores!
So much value for the price!

coolbeans1536d ago

That's such a strange demand to leverage against what's essentially just an aggregate score. Some technical concerns are being addressed by some but that's not to say many critics aren't enjoying the game; which means you're more than likely going to really enjoy it as well.

That's it.

Septic1536d ago

Im comparing this aggregate score to others of its kind and the scores just dont add up. The technical concerns are very few from these reviews and for a package that is essentially this gen's Orange Box, I do think this deserves a lot better.

I know metacritic has its flaws, its just that I dont think the score reflects what the package is about at all.

coolbeans1535d ago

"The technical concerns are very few from these reviews and for a package that is essentially this gen's Orange Box..."

That seems to be something addressed more often than you're insinuating. Even the likes of IGN have suggested it varies between all four of them.

"The technical concerns are very few from these reviews and for a package that is essentially this gen's Orange Box"

That's a bit of a false equivalence. A collection of Halo shooters versus a compilation of Half Life 2, its episodes, one of the most innovative games known as Portal, and the class-based Team Fortress 2. There's a lot more variation in art styles, design philosophies, etc. betweeen those two.

I can understand some head-scratching if this was bottoming out around low 80's compared to TLOU Remastered or something else, but when it's currently resting at 88 with more reviews to come in PLUS just how often metascores seem to be miscontrued already...I just don't get it.

otherZinc1536d ago

I like how you can watch the cut scenes in order, like a movie. I did this with Halo Wars.

I'm looking very forward to
Campaign Co-oping all 4 games in order.

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urwifeminder1536d ago

Wow MS you give me the gift of Forza Horizon 2, Sunset Overdrive and this all at once joyous times.

DougLord1536d ago

I do not understand how this game can have a lower rating then every Halo game in the collection. But I guess ratings are pretty meaningless, so enjoy!!!

2cents1536d ago ShowReplies(1)
Software_Lover1536d ago

Multiplayer isn't up..........

Who am I kidding, the campaigns alone are gold!!

spicelicka1536d ago

I don't understand how these reviews are coming out without the multiplayer being live. That's freakin the majority of the game!

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