Destiny Xur Agent of the Nine Location & Items video – Week 9 November 7th 2014

A video which shows off the location of Destiny XUR Agent of the Nine and what items are for sale this weekend including stats of each.

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Godz Kastro1534d ago

Not feeling his offerings this week.

CorndogBurglar1534d ago

I don't know, The Truth is pretty awesome.

I'm a Titan, so the Crest of Alpha Lupi is a pretty piece for me. I already have the Armamentarium though. Alpha Lupi would only be used for Nightfall Strikes because of its upgraded revive.

BattleTorn1534d ago

I definitely have preference towards the Armentararium over Alpha Lupi.

Though, ironically, on my main character - my Hunter - I have stuck with Alpha Lupi purely based on cosmetics. The helms are better, but w/e

SmielmaN1534d ago

Every time I buy the damn engram and everytime its a helm that I can't use. Also, I'm not making multiple characters and whatnot. Just sticking to my warlock until I inevitably trade it in. Almost got 100 hrs in and it may be time soon lol.

I bought the gloves tho, but it's tough because I was given a exotic chest armor in a chest on Mars while iron relic farming. I passed on Truth because I'm going to get the legendary one from the crucible vendor. But I like the perk on Truth where the rockets home in on targets. That's pretty badass.

joab7771534d ago

It's been like a month since he has had something I can buy.

ITPython1534d ago

I got the truth a few weeks back when he was offering it, and IMO my random drop Unfriendly Giant trumps it in every way. Already have all the exotic armor I need, so I won't be spending anything at Xur's this week.

BattleTorn1534d ago

Oh man, tough choices.

I really like the Aplha Lupi chest for Titans, but I already own the Armentararium - so that's not enticing.

Mask of the Third Man - another one I really want, but I also am wearing a Alpha Lupi on my Hunter purely for cosmetic reasons. (and the practical application doesn't out weight the looks, unlike the Armentararium)

Sunbreakers - a definite maybe, I never bought em before, but my Warlock does have a exotic helm atm.

The Truth - another definite maybe, I don't own any exotic Heavy's - and it IS Void!

CorndogBurglar1534d ago

I hear ya. I have preference to the Armamentarium too. Nothing beats having that extra grenade, especially when its a magnetic grenade!

BattleTorn1534d ago (Edited 1534d ago )

Lol, we both replied to each other saying the same thing