Possible Mass Effect Trilogy PS4 and Xbox One Hint Gets Dropped by BioWare GM

Earlier today, Aaryn Flynn, the GM for BioWare’s Edmonton & Montreal studios, sent out a Tweet that has people speculating on whether or not the Mass Effect Trilogy is coming out on current-gen consoles.

In his Tweet, Flynn mentions that there he currently has no news on the possibility of the Mass Effect Trilogy coming to current-gen systems, but mentions that BioWare will release any information about it when he does get some information to share

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Snookies121533d ago

ME Trilogy on current-gen hardware? I'm down! Still haven't finished the first or third game, I really need to get on that...

darkslayer2081533d ago

I think they should remaster the game in frostbite 3..

ElementX1533d ago

I played through ME1 1.5 times, ME2 I got over halfway through a handful of times, I never played ME3. I don't think I can sit through ME 1 and 2 again regardless of what they do to it.

DarkOcelet1533d ago

Lol i played Mass Effect 1 6 times { best in the series } , Mass Effect 2 4 times , and Mass Effect 3 is still to be played but honestly if this gets a good graphic overhaul and 60fps/1080hd . Especially Mass Effect 1 , i will .be all over it .

ElementX1533d ago

I couldn't take driving around planets or scanning them all repeatedly. If I were playing the game I felt I had to. It was too much to handle. Also all of those missions in ME2 where you track down your crew got old really fast.

medman1533d ago (Edited 1533d ago )

I played through ME1 once, ME2 about six times, and ME3 about six times...I'm done. I loved all of them, despite the controversy. ME is without question my favorite trilogy in gaming, but going back to it would do nothing for me personally. Unless Liara gets naked. I would return for that. Seriously though, I'm all about where they take the franchise for the next ME game, I don't want to go back.

Lucreto1533d ago

I hope it is true. I hope they put some serious work behind it like upgrade the textures and tighten the gameplay of ME1.

Happy N7 Day everyone.

DarkOcelet1533d ago

Seriously i thought Mass Effect 1 had the best gameplay because it had a proper leveling up system . Maybe work a bit on the mako but other than that it was excellent . 2 and 3 went action route and less RPG mechanics . I hope Mass Effect 4 go back to its roots .

CyrusLemont1533d ago

I resented this idea initially, but due to the huge drought of Sci-fi RPGs on current gen consoles and the lack of them to come, I guess I support this?

JimmyDM901533d ago

I beat ME 1 3 times, beat ME 2 twice and ME 3 once

AndrewLB1533d ago

I couldn't bring myself to sit through the final 10% of ME3 a second time. It made me want to throw sh*t at my TV I was so mad. I must have played through ME1 3-4 and ME2 4 times... so would have the best possible series of choices for the third... only to find out that no decision in any game actually mattered.

Bioware ruined the greatest franchise in the last 15 years. f**k them.

MYSTERIO3601533d ago (Edited 1533d ago )

I do agree that Bioware sort of ruined the ME1-3 saga with the way ME3 ended but i wouldn't go as far to say that id never buy a ME game again especially with 4.

I personally don't think the blame lies solely at Biowares feet, EA played a part in it to. I think EA's development cycle of releasing games every 2 years within a franchise greatly effected the quality of the game.Especially with an RPG with the depth and story of the likes of ME should of taken a least 4 years to make not the shoddy two years. This i think forced Casey Hudson to release a half-assed ending to the ME trilogy which is a shame.

I think if Bioware really wanted to release an ending that fitted what they set out for themselves i feel like it would of upset a lot of people. Reason being the amount of risk and variables in the story resulting in many people not being able to reach the ending of the game itself or dying midway. This would of resulted in many people having to play through the whole game trilogy again to get their preferred ending. Bioware i feel wanted to play it safe and make sure everyone got to experience the ending while making 4 irrational chooses.

But ill wait and see how ME4 goes especially as they've had more time to develop it but im not going to keep my hopes up that's for sure.

jspsc1231533d ago

i must be the only one who liked the ending of 3

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