Destiny Xur: Agent of Nine Location And Items Revealed For Week 9 (Nov 7): Pretty Disappointing Week

GP: "Its been more than two whole months since the launch of Bungie's Destiny, but the high spirit of gamers towards Destiny has not reduced even by a tiny bit. Equally excited are everyone about the mysterious vendor of exotic items, Xur The Agent of Nine. Here is the list of Xur: Agent of Nine exotic Items and Location For Week 9 (November 07) "

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frankiebeans1532d ago ShowReplies(3)
Cryptcuzz1532d ago

I was hoping for Gjallarhorn...since I already have The Truth the week Xur bad it. Anyone feel the same way?

KwietStorm1532d ago (Edited 1532d ago )

I never had it and I'm still disappointed this week, again. I bought 2 Truths just for the hell of it, and I still have 80 coins just because this guy Xur is holding out.

Cryptcuzz1532d ago

I had 70 strange coins and no Gjallarhorn :(
Any other weapon I've missed on (red death, thunderlord) and I would have been pretty excited about it. Sadly it was Truth rocket launcher again.

So I just bought a couple of telemetry upgrades, the piece for the Super Good Advice bounty (only bounty I haven't done) and the mask of the third man for my Hunter.

Surprise...Sunbreakers again?!? (I actually like it, not over Praxic Fire though) I already have that too and its like what, the 5th week or so that Warlocks have had the sunbreakers gauntlet?

Either way, always next week and grinding the weekly strikes/nightfall and or getting super lucky in the crucible :)

KwietStorm1532d ago

Good luck with the Super Good Advice. I can't stand that pos.

JeffGUNZ1532d ago

That gun just jumps all over the place. Even with the recoil upgrade.

GameSpawn1532d ago (Edited 1532d ago )

I don't have a problem with it. I also don't lay down on the trigger, even with Auto Rifles. I use short pulses with the Full Autos to avoid their "bouncy" nature. I also reserve using the Machine Gun for BIG enemies, shielded enemies or large crowds.

As far as taking down shields, head shots and body shots don't matter until the shield is down, so just concentrate on center mass. I usually do this and then switch to my primary weapon once the shield is down or if the enemy is big enough pulse the machine gun on the head. On a side note, the head shot damage bonus does apply while the shield is up IF the damage from the hit is enough to completely deplete what is left of the shield (I've noticed this while taking out Captains and Wizards with my hand cannon).

Stapleface1532d ago

They already had Gjallarhorn though. I was hoping for a weapon they haven't had for sale already like The Last Word. That would have been fantastic.

Intentions1532d ago

Destiny is getting boring with each day of playing - my opinion, only playing it until MCC comes out next week.

GuruStarr781532d ago (Edited 1532d ago )

Yeah, already got truth a couple o' weeks ago in the raid. It's bad-ass when it's fully upgraded, so those of you that don't have it and are looking for an Atheon-destroying weapon, get it!

But yeah, sucks that they just keep re-hashing what Xur sells, even though I'm still kicking myself 4 not jumping on icebreaker when I should have....

Really trying to get a found verdict in the raid, but it never drops for me... all my friends seem to have 3 or 4 of them... I want one for the iron banner when it comes out (and stays up) again..

TotalSynthesisX1532d ago

Don't worry too much about the Icebreaker. Infinite ammo is nice but it takes *way* too long for the magazine to replenish. That and its insane recoil make it a backup sniper weapon at best. Patience and Time, though, that's where it's at. Always-active radar, scoped active camo, hardly any recoil, and a maximum magazine size of 6 makes the P&T almost OP compared to the Icebreaker.

GuruStarr781532d ago

that's too bad, oh well... Praedyth's revenge I've got completely upgraded and it's pretty good, too.... I passed on Patience and time because it seems like more of a pvp sniper and I don't use snipers in pvp.. Thanks, though!

n4rc1532d ago

Ya I got that praedyth sniper my first and only run on hard.. I really like it

KwietStorm1532d ago (Edited 1532d ago )

lol it doesn't take long at all for the Icebreaker to recharge. It already has more shots ready by the time you empty a clip. If you just so am the trigger and that's the only weapon you use, then yea it might not be ready when you need it.

Palitera1532d ago

Don't listen to the very few crazy people that downplay Icebreaker. Just look at its impact. It is no doubt the best PVE sniper on the game. It does a ton of damage and this is what really matter.
Perk-wise, both have great ones, I'd call it a draw or a win for IB.

Get it when you can. Hopefully a nightfall strike blesses you.

JeffGUNZ1532d ago

Is it really worth the 17 coins? Does it do a lot of damage to atheon? Also, how are your thoughts on Atheons Epilogue? Is it pretty solid for the raid? I have been working on upgrading this gun this week when I got it from the raid. I feel like the void damage for an assault weapon will be nice for the raid.

Neonridr1532d ago

Atheon's Epilogue is great because it does the Void damage which is a plus to all the Vex inside the raid. Plus the Oracle damage bonus is a nice upgrade to unlock.

JeffGUNZ1532d ago

@ Neonridr

Thanks man! Appreciate the feedback. I'll work to max it out, or at least to the oracle upgrade!

n4rc1531d ago

Its only a legendary as well right?

That's always a plus.. Can use the exotic slot elsewhere..

CaptainPunch1532d ago

Really wanted the Icebreaker or Last Word.

brich2331532d ago

I got the last word in multiplayer, it has style but I prefer the fatebringer better.

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