The 5 Best Consoles of the Last 20 Years

In the last 20 years, console gaming has evolved into a beast of epic proportions. But even before the introduction of state-of-the-art current gen consoles like Sony’s PS4 and Xbox One, we were kept entertained by some of the best consoles to have come out in the past two decades.

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98xpresent1535d ago

Xbox 360 is my favorite of all time

solideagle1535d ago (Edited 1535d ago )

I dont know why PS1 is regarded as the best console. I think this was the time when we were introduced to real 3D gaming in homes and with a controller. I remember seeing titles like Gran Turismo, Spyro and was awesome

PS2 on the other hand was a beast OMG...I love shadow hearts the most, I wish someone can remaster or reboot this franchise.

darthv721535d ago

My top 5 would be something like this:

5) Saturn
4) 360
3) PS2
2) Dreamcast
1) Genesis

darthv721535d ago

@turd... this is my top 5 not top 10. I am more of a Sega fan than Nintendo but I give them spots outside the top 5.

saadd201534d ago

Didn't Saturn flop? or was it underrated? I remember Sega announced it without giving enough time to retailers or something and they weren't too happy.

saadd201535d ago

PS2 FTW...Genesis was one of my first major consoles too btw.

warrior821535d ago

The Mega Drive and Mortal Kombat..the good old days!

niterocker1535d ago

Mega Drive...I wish they included Dreamcast

SegaGamer1535d ago

Xbox 360, PS2, Dreamcast, Mega Drive, Master System.

saadd201535d ago (Edited 1535d ago )

agree with everything but Master System...why not NES?

SegaGamer1535d ago

I never had a NES as a kid so i wasn't able to enjoy it until i played the games on an Emulator. By that point i had already moved on to newer consoles so i didn't quite enjoy it as much as i probably would have done if i actually owned the console back in the day.

saadd201535d ago

I agree..I never owned the Super NES also but played it with friends. Same with the original PlayStation. Hard to place it alongside the PS2 though.

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The story is too old to be commented.