Square Enix announces Racing Lagoon-Shissou, Yankee Damashii crossover

The countdown on Square-Enix’s recently opened “Densetsu” teaser website has concluded, revealing a crossover between Japan-only PS1 racing RPG Racing Lagoon and smartphone game Shissou, Yankee Damashii.

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Snookies121533d ago (Edited 1533d ago )

Wow... Square Enix needs to just stop with these countdowns... I always expect them to be underwhelming, but they somehow manage to undercut even that expectation.

There goes my hope for another Legend of Mana.

DarkZane1533d ago (Edited 1533d ago )

Every time they have a countdown site, it's literally always for a smartphone game or a web browser game.

DiscoKid1533d ago

Oh my goodness. How could it have been worse than what I was expecting?

Inception1533d ago

Lol i'm glad i don't put any expectation for SE countdown.

Pozzle1531d ago

I didn't have any expectations and they STILL disappointed me with this. lol