What Makes Sunset Overdrive The Most Fun You'll Have On The One?

IM PLAYIN discusses the fun that can be had on Sunset Overdrive, and what makes the game so much fun to play.

"The thing that’s most fun about Sunset Overdrive is the way in which you get around the game world. Never before have I played a game where running around on the ground is actually boring. That’s because it has taken the conventional way of travel, and flipped it on its head. It’s so simple to zip, slide, jump and grind around the city and you can pretty much get from one side of the map to the other without ever touching the floor. The way you move around the world on Sunset Overdrive is like Mirror’s Edge on LSD, and that really is a good thing. Most of the time I’ve enjoyed getting to the mission as much as the mission itself, which is a rarity for an open-world game."

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qwerty6761537d ago

right now? i mean probably

who knows what down the road looks like

but this game should srsly be considered for goty, its different, awesome, and fun and actually funny, which so many games try to do but its hard to pull off.