Microsoft GTA V Xbox One Deal Before Black Friday (Free $10 Xbox Gift Card)

Techtorial: Microsoft is giving an exclusive offer for customers who will pre-order Grand Theft Auto V (Xbox One) before its debut.

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XBLSkull1532d ago

I would love to preorder but it still wasn't in the Xbox store as of yesterday which is odd cause the other 11/18 games are... Guess I better go fire the box up and see if they added it finally

No_Limit1532d ago

Nothing new. MS been giving out $10-$15 giftcard with preorders for their stores for a couple years now. It is literally the best place to buy Xbox games.

No_Limit1532d ago

Lol..just caught my mistake..I meant to say giving out giftcard for preorders for new releases and not "for their stores".

XanderZane1532d ago

Maybe I'll preorder it. Starting to run out of time though.