50 Brand New GTA 5 Next Gen Screenshots

Rockstar has released 50 Brand New GTA 5 Sceenshots for the PS4 and Xbox One Consoles. The images are absolutely Stunning. Just imagine how much better it will look playing it.

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PainUzumaki1536d ago

Man I cant wait...30 ppl in GTA online now. Things are going to get crazy. I still dont like the fact that you get sent to timeout for destroying other ppls cars....I mean it is GTA

Audiggity1535d ago

I don't think the "bad players" lobbies still exist... it just changes your mental state while forcing you to pay for their insurance.

Eventually, if you go too crazy, I think the game puts an auto-bounty on your head and it takes a long time to drop from red to white.

And, yes, while it IS GTA, people spend some serious loot on their cars, so it's annoying if someone goes around blowing them up without good reason.

rivencleft1535d ago

If you destroy someone's car you have to pay to have it replaced? That is AWESOME! haha.

Audiggity1535d ago


The one w/ the plane and lighthouse?


dreamoner1535d ago

That's good also but the one before that has lots of cars and lots of people on the sidewalk together. I wonder if it could really be that crowded or is it just for screenshot purposes?..

ps4fanboy1535d ago

Ordered a optoma projection screen just for this game and its details, first things first , watching the sun rise on top of a mountain,perched on a scrambler in first person view , ready to race down it.... Oh yeahhhhhhhh.

Fizzler1535d ago

Best game ever made of all time in the existence of ever.

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