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Making a video game whose story is strongly based on comedy is complicated and something game creators have been trying to get right for years. Though there have been a few games that have accomplished this feat, such as the recent South Park: The Stick of Truth, comedy can be done right or it can be done extremely wrong.

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seupai10851535d ago

Yes I didz ladies and gents.

GodGinrai1534d ago

Amazingly fun game :). How crazy is it to see this review turn up alongside halo's high scores? Feels Soooooo good to be an xbox owner, right now!

2cents1534d ago

I hear you.

Im so glad that there is reason to just be happy for a while. So many good things have happened over this year that the Xbox is a totally different beast than the one that was launched.

What a turn around!

spicelicka1534d ago

I was thinking the same thing! Also I just bought titanfall from the xbox live deals for $25! Wow, I'm having so much fun. I honestly don't even know how I'm gonna manage my time one halo MCC comes out!

Masterh0ppa1534d ago

This game is just awesome, just getting to the next mission without touching the ground is awesome to do. Trying out various clothes, guns, amps and overdrives! One of the sweetest games I played this year.

Stryfeno21534d ago

Man, I wasn't expecting all these great reviews.