Dragon Age 2 fans: How to transition to Inquisition

Paul Verhoeven of MMGN: Dragon Age: Inquisition hits soon. And when it hits, it'll hit hard. EA and Bioware, tangled as they are like an unctuous Yin and Yang, have the eyes of the gaming world fixed on them.

So what can you do to prepare for what is undoubtedly going to be a gargantuan, glorious time-sink? How can you reacclimatise yourself before returning to Thedas? Here are some foolproof ways to make the transition.

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AgentSmithPS41533d ago

Assume the walking position then go on a mission.

anticlimax1533d ago

Ooh that first point is just... it's bait really. As if the reused envorinments were the only glaring flaw. I would've gotten over that so quick. (Combat, customization and preset human lead character were more glaring, in case you've forgotten ;) )

That said the keep is fun, definitely will get you back into it.

Baka-akaB1533d ago (Edited 1533d ago )

"The story was top notch, the companions, their dialogue, personalities, interactions, backstories and voice acting was unparalleled, and Hawke was a deeply compelling hero. "

Uh ? the story was very mediocre , didnt make sense half the time within the context of the DA universe , and was full of plot holes . And hiding behind the idea that parts wrong with it are most likely Varric's imagination doesnt hold up (hell they didnt even use that fully to its advantage to explain the issues away)

And amidst the character "so good" he's going on about , they butchered a character Anders , that was fine in the DA0 Expansion . And no , it's not even about making him a gay optional romance (even if they mishandled some parts of that but that's another debate ) , but his role in the major events of the game .

But by all mean try to revise history and pretend the only flaws were the repetitive level designs .

The game didnt have many positive aspects . Mediocre to crap storyline , bad pacing , badly used characters (for the most part) , bad level design , mediocre graphics , questionable cartoony redesign of the world and its species , bland and hollow gameplay , no customisation and no real decisional impact with the choices (remember how picking a side makes you fight it ultimately anyway ?)

Mister_Audrey1533d ago (Edited 1533d ago )

I agree, this article is pure crrrrrap