Nintendo on the The State of Development: Why There are Not More Games

There was much to discuss in Nintendo’s recent Investors Q&A. It’s probable that investors share the same frustrations and anxieties that everyday Nintendo fans do.

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BitbyDeath3014d ago

Always thought it was strange that Nintendo did not take advantage of the boom last gen and buy out a few devs.

Maybe then it'd be called Super Wii instead of Wii U. Heh

Concertoine3014d ago (Edited 3014d ago )

Ugh, just get the Wii out of it -_-

Wii was such a toxic name by 2012, was basically a laughing stock (whether warranted or not), should've moved on as the Wii U shares little in common.

Also very nebulous comments made about the next hardware...

AJBACK2FRAG3014d ago

Everybody liked the Wii's code name Revolution. In my opinion that would have been a great name!

breakpad3014d ago (Edited 3014d ago )

Nintendo is a pseudo-family-friendly game company (aka like lame Disney) with a bunch of hypocrites in it...never allowed experimentation on bringing non-trend games on their console(the true cause of Sony s success in early years) ,supporting only their kid-whatever-nostalgic-first party ips and censoring what they considered extreme also they always delivered overpriced underpowered gimmicky -consoles advertising them as innovative (again stolen projects from other companies) they saw the downfall they started stealing games, here and there (without caring for the violent content anymore ) bringing them to their underpowered systems and completely wasting their potential (Mon HUN, BAyonetta, Resi series, Xenosaga. etcetc) the same happened with DLC(while im not a fan of them) and new gen hardware..they thought they could survive selling Zelda games on refurbished gimmick Wii(aka WII U

mcstorm3014d ago

I have to disagree with you on the (overpriced underpowered gimmicky -consoles) The N64 was more powerful than the PSX, The SNES had more power then the Mega Drive and the GameCube had more power than the PS2 and Dreamcast.

Its only the Wii that has had less power than the consoles released at the same time/after the same generation consoles.

The WiiU was out 1st and has more power than the 360 and PS3 but Microsoft and Sony came a year later and brought more powerful consoles out.

As for the violent content why do people feel that if their is not blood and guns that a game is not a core game?

For me its all about fun that is why I play games and this is what Nintendo are all about.

Some of the best games this gen for me are on the WiiU in fact the WiiU has more games I want and own than the xbox one and PS4.

What it all comes down to is personal preference and I was not a fan of the Wii last gen but it did have some great games like Mario Galaxy but this gen I feel the old Nintendo is back and looking at the quality of the games that they have given us so far Mario Kart, Pikmin 3, Mario 3D world, DK even Windwaker HD are just a few I have got so far and enjoyed everyone of them.

Like I said its each to their own but for me the WiiU is a great console and a console is never about power its about the games for me and so far im more than happy with what the WiiU offers.

breakpad3014d ago (Edited 3014d ago )

@ mcstorm Snes /N64 had some features better than megadrive/Ps but had a ton of others worse and N64 released 2 years later (specially N64 had success only because people was overhyped by Snes and the content/specs of the console were 0 value). GC was indeed a bit (only a bit) more powerfull than PS2 but Ninty didnt exploited the machine at all (PS2 gave some excellent hardware output in his last years, matching Xbox)additionally kept the same machine for 2 generation (aka Wii) excuse to sell the same machine with different cover as new generation..

Realplaya3014d ago

I guess family friendly means kid friendly right?

N4g_null3014d ago (Edited 3014d ago )

Gamertard... making up facts huh? Remember the ps1 without a z buffer. Remember what res evil looked like on ps 2 compared to ngc lol. The only power sony has ever had was brand recognition. Sonys gimmick is fluffing numbers which is why most adults stay away from them now. Tech now has to do what you say it does and Sony hasn't learned this. Adults demand more kids demand hope of a fantasy. This is what sony sells They paraded out full motion video and that just meant it had a video player, that video player becomes dvd then blu ray. These where video player Trojan horses man. Sony never had a power advantage until the wii. It was like nintendo letting them win that and continuing to crush them with their own casual ideas. With the industry loving the fact that they can lie and bait and switch gamers they choose to black ball nintendo. If Nintendo went software only that black ball would be full circle. Tons of money has been made off subpar games. Sony is a big contributer to that mediocrity. Just look at what happens when they copy smash, mariokart, where is sonys 2d shooter, fighting game, they have no real quality control. Just make it look good... drive club. I want sony to get better but fanboys keep hand them drugs like he needs to be propped up to fight uncle ms. Luckily sony has about 2 to 3 more gens of fanboys that bought into those power arguments and are invested in ideas that sony never actually fully developed tech wise. For nintendo to become a sony to these fans nintendo will need a tech spin doctor. Some one who can spout the crazy numbers sram can create and what texture conpression, gpgpu graphical overlays can do, the huge post processing ability of the wiiu tech much like how some sony teams did. Basically nintendo needs a factor 5, id software, an a bunch of Vfx guys from a Micheal bay movie and then the expertise of game making from nintendo. Then story gaming will mature. Simply because we have no real game makers anymore. Teams make one type of game and that is it. I've given up on sony ever making good gameplay. Sales have told them gameplay is dead and pretty is all that ever mattered with a 7th grade level story in creative writing class. Calling those adult stories is insulting. People who want nintendo games on the ps4 admit they sony just isn't good enough yet truly believe a company that can't survive in the tv industry and pc industry are that great at hardware? Nope the bs alarm is broken on their fanbase and they just used your want for pc like graphics and fear of big brother against you while 3rd party feeds you what ever they want now.

Sony just seems like a teenager version of the movie industry and ms are pimps. 3rd party is getting lamer and lamer in everything except maybe realism. Nintendo is the only true game company in this industry.

benji1013013d ago

Nintendo of America is not Nintendo of Japan. You need to check your facts about the politics of the two companies.

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Magicite3014d ago

It will be very hard for WiiU to live mostly of first parties. Its pretty much given this gen is gonna be worst for Nintendo ever. WiiU wont reach Gamecube sales and 3DS wont reach Game Boy Advance sales.

3014d ago
Concertoine3014d ago

I also think it'll surpass GC. The GC had smash bros and animal crossing and zelda within its first two years. The Wii U is only just now getting those games.
Also if theyre smart they'll keep it around longer than 5 years unlike the GC so they can launch alongside the other next gen consoles.

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory3014d ago

If GC and N64 did it dont see the problem?

benji1013013d ago

Interesting fact. There are only 3 major erd parties left.
Interesting fact two development for new consoles is a 3rd of the previous generation.
Which means the ps3 got 30 games a year it will now only get 10. Of which, maybe 3 will be good.
The other 7 will be FIFA, Madden, Basketball, and four generic shooters.

SO ... Hope you are looking forward to that for the next 10 years.

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3014d ago
OtakuDJK1NG-Rory3014d ago

They bought Monolith Soft so that was a big move

pcz3014d ago

nintendo are arrogant and do everything in their own time. not because they are perfectionists, but because they dont care about making consumers wait.

dont believe me? how long have we been waiting for metroid, f zero, starfox etc. we know they will eventually come, but nintendo dont care about all the waiting customers.

that is the reason with every nintendo console you get a massively long period of time with no games, because nintendo dont have a sense of urgency, they dont seem to care people are sitting around with consoles they paid hundreds of pounds for, with nothing to play on them.

nintendo should invest in more studios and employ more staff so they can produce more games. because saying zelda is somehow bigger than uncharted in work hours is nonsense. the only difference between nintendo and its competitors is the work ethics. naughty dog for example obviously are far more focused and driven to meet deadlines and goals, and as a result can churn out 3 massive games of very high quality (uncharted) in a relatively short period of time.

people should not defend nintendo being slow, its almost the same as defending incompetence. i for one am so fed up of waiting around, sitting through months of drought because nintendo havent got the consideration for waiting gamers to make games quicker.

marloc_x3013d ago

"..not because they are perfectionists, but because they don't care about making consumers wait."

Nintendo in a nutshell I'm sure..

3-4-53013d ago

It's picking up speed.

They have figured out ways to make games a bit faster now while keeping the quality high..

Took a bit but they are moving now...

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Dunban673014d ago

II ll say there is a huge difference in a software drought V " not wanting to flood the console"

The only time I am aware Nintendo flooded a console was with tons of shovel ware on the Wii

I don t think they are or have been in danger of flooding the console w games like Xenoblade, Zelda and Metroid among many others

deafdani3014d ago

Nintendo hardly makes shovelware. Nintendo certainly didn't have anything to do with 99.99% of Wii's shovelware games. Almost all of those are third party.

Dunban673014d ago

I agree- I communicated that poorly - Nintendo s software is class "A" no doubt

I meant to communicate: the only time the console was flooded was the Wii with shovel ware but def not made by Nintendo

zeal0us3014d ago

Given third-party support from major publishers is abysmal that gap will be the WiiU's Achilles heel.

AKR3014d ago

The software output has increased though. If they can hit the output of last year Summer-Winter or something close; that'd be good. Remember, starting with Game & Wario ~ Nintendo had at least one exclusive title release every month 'till the year's end.

They already confirmed that they're in the process of improving development times. Miyamoto confirmed that the teams have gained their footing with HD development - so now they can focus more on making the game than learning new techniques. He also confirmed that Nintendo is working along with third-party companies to help co-create titles (like how NAMCO helped out with Smash and MK8). These two important factors at least give us good hope that the Wii U will be getting a steadier stream of games.

Indies have been doing a decent job at filling in the gaps so far, though - so it's not all bad.

ritsuka6663014d ago

The vast majority of Japanese developers fell flat on their faces this generation and are still struggling to keep up with the West. So, no suprise Nintendo struggling with games in HD.

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