Nintendo Plans QOL Subscription-Based Business Model

Nintendo will employ a QOL subscription-based business model for its Quality of Life platform, charging a recurring fee to use the service.

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VenturaDres1533d ago

I'm interested in seeing what this ends up being - I'm a big Nintendo fan and also a health enthusiast, so I'm wondering if I will see a win-win or if the two businesses will be completely different.

N4g_null1533d ago

What a great way to test out the cloud services and get account based purchase systems up and running. Right before a new system design is nearly finished and ready for a 2018! Also you start to separate the casual gamers from the core. They just need a pure entertainment branch now. They already have pokemon. This is pretty interesting stuff.

Theparanerds1533d ago

Nintendo games are account based but the accounts are console based. Meaning if you buy another system be sure to "unlink" from one then "link' up with the new one.