Xenoblade Chronicles X Looks Like... Um... Grand Theft Auto V?

Just what on earth is going on in this new trailer for Xenoblade Chronicles X? Did they wander into Grand Theft Auto?

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jc485733010d ago

You want open world jrpg? this is what you'll get.

Metallox3010d ago (Edited 3010d ago )

Well, the autor states it looks like GTA V because Xeno X will have its own explorable city as well, do not think it's all about the graphics.

We'll see. For now the part of the houses with pools felt like a giant demo tape to me, because it was empty, there weren't any people. Of course, what matters in the game it's outside of New Los Angeles.

pics4jam3010d ago

I wonder how much will actually be set in the city. If you look in the background of the GIF, you can see that the City is under construction and is surrounded by a big wall.

EliteGameKnight3010d ago

if you look closely, their is a woman sunbathing by the pool when the character jumps into the yard. and there may be people sitting at the table in the next yard. so there are some people there, maybe they just don't freak out when some guy moon jumps through their yard :)

pics4jam3010d ago

It looks like they are taking the same approach as GTA, just having a bit of fun with it.

DarthZoolu3010d ago

Will it be co op? I really hope so.

user55757083010d ago


in the first xenoblade there was a whole town/settlement that you slowly rebuilt. maybe they're doing it again

Shnazzyone3010d ago

So author wants to bash the game for conventional city environments? They did catch the part where it's "new Los angeles" right? Meanwhile, GTA has never had towering beasts in a surreal landscape.

UltimateMaster3009d ago

It has one city.
The story goes that war ravaged earth but one vessel escaped Earth to arrive on an alien planet, now they need to survive on this new promised land.
Obviously, jrpgs have towns to explore, they always did, but I doubt you can steal a car at gun point in this game.

Kumomeme3009d ago

nothing similiar

the author just playing too much gta v

open world games are common nowdays,nothing to prohibit devs to add stuff suited for the game

the problem is,although someone is labelled as 'journalist' necessary mean that person is good enough

this articles proved that

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Adrian_v013010d ago

2 seconds of 105 show a modern looking city


ChickeyCantor3009d ago

You missed the part where the giant character called over a prostitute, proceeded to have sex and then drove her over to get the money back.

3010d ago
elninels3010d ago

And I think it's wonderful. There is a city in the other trailers if I remember correctly. So this shouldn't be a surprise. It just shows that we will have a vast, diverse, world to explore.

All this needs is a date, then I need a wii u.

pcz3010d ago

it seems obvious to me this new los angeles will be the start point in the game where you venture out into the wild alien world...

EliteGameKnight3010d ago (Edited 3010d ago )

They showed some gameplay during Nintendo Treehouse during E3, after character creation you start by coming out of an escape pod and you have to get to New Los Angeles with a character that wakes you up. I don't know why the protagonist is in the escape pod, as the game was in Japanese at the time and the speakers didn't talk about it

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pics4jam3010d ago

Its pretty crazy looking. I think it'll play well on the Wii U. I wonder how much you can do in the City.. or if anyone will be interested haha

jc485733010d ago

what surprises me is how you got these giants inhabiting the open world

deafdani3010d ago

The first Xenoblade had giant creatures living on its workd as well, and that was a Wii game... so it wouldn't be too hard for Monolith Soft to top that on this game, considering they have much stronger hardware to work with now. :)

jc485733010d ago (Edited 3010d ago )

my point is that I want to see more open world games like that.

Kevlar0093010d ago

Well in Chronicles you could talk to people, and certain people would come out during specific times. You couldn't walk into buildings, probably due to hardware/time limitations. Talking to people is how you got your quests, there were 400 in the game, about 150 in the first city alone. Also talking to people boosts your city affinity, basically how much the city likes you which open ups new quests and skill trees. There were also a few shops and other landmarks, but mostly a central hub connected to a surrounded area.

DarkOcelet3010d ago

The Wii U seems to be getting one of the best JRPG games , we need those guys to make another Xenogears on PS4 . Imagine how stunning it will look .

wonderfulmonkeyman3010d ago

I'm less concerned with looks and more concerned with plot and gameplay.
In which case, I'd prefer a new Xenogears on Wii U, but I'd get it if it came to PS3, as well.[I don't have the cash or room for a PS4, at present]

VenturaDres3010d ago

I'm interested in seeing what they do with the User Interface on the gamepad - I think the Wii U is perfect for JRPGs for this reason - or at least I can think of a lot of uses!

TheOneWhoIsTornApart3010d ago

At the end of Xenogears it says"The End of Episode V" which is very curious to most people because it turns out that little tidbits of episodes 2-4 were also in the game Tetsuya Takahashi the creator of Xenogears,Xenosaga, and Xenoblade has said that were supposed to be six parts. I think part 6 shuold be made into a game and also draw heavily from episode 1 to provide much of the mystery of the game. I need this so badly. Xenogears is my favorite game of all time.

Spotie3010d ago

Actually, Xenosaga itself was to have six parts. Chronologically- though they also said it wasn't directly related- Xenogears would have been the seventh episode.

Unfortunately, due to Namco Bandai's silly decisions, Episode II sold poorly, leading to lower than needed sales for Episode III, and thus ensuring that Episodes IV-VI would never get made.

Myze3009d ago (Edited 3009d ago )

A complete remake of Xenogears wouldn't be a bad thing, considering the original was obviously rushed for the last third of the game (only a minor flaw, it's my favorite game as well...notice the avatar). While I would prefer a full next-gen ps4 remake (obviously would have to be made by either Squenix or Sony themselves), Wii U would work as well.

I was a fan of Xenosaga, but it really didn't feel connected all that much to Xenogears, in my opinion, except for the obvious things, but in tone, it's way too different for me to consider it a direct prequel series. Also, I don't consider any of the three episodes (or as a whole) near Xenogears.

On topic, I loved the first Xenoblade. While I'm very excited for this one, I hope they don't try and overdo the open-world aspect. I didn't like how certain quests opened up in random places only after certain story events. For completionists like me, it almost forced me to spend an hour or more randomly wandering around old cities to make sure I didn't miss a quest after every story section. That was about the only boring part of the game for me, and without using a strategy guide (which I don't like doing), it's almost necessary to avoid missables. A simple "New Quests Available in **" would completely negate the problem. I don't want them to not have missables or secrets, just not the basic quests (with possible important ones) randomly popping up.

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory3010d ago

Nintendo own Monolith Soft it not possible.

deafdani3010d ago

These guys are owned by Nintendo now... so, highly unlikely. :P

N4g_null3010d ago

These guys are pretty much first party now, sony just didn't want them bad enough.

Shinox3010d ago

Square Enix* doesn't want them , Squaresoft would have let this studio lives to this day if they were funded from being bankrupt , Nintendo job as always is desperately looking at the successful games on PlayStation brand and BUY THEM to keep them away from that brand and keep them for themselves , and ONLY themselves ( Looking at you Fatal Frame / Bayonetta )

N4g_null3010d ago (Edited 3010d ago )

Square soft killed final fantasy and Sony funded that. Sony no longer funds square. Make up another lie why don't you. Nintendo also helped square out in the past big time. Square turned on them due to sonys money at the time. Sony was the first version of ms. They bought everything back then, they even bought gamers by selling at a lost. Which brings us to them desperately hanging on to the one thing they can count on... misinformation from fanboys. You see that doesn't work in adult electronics. Which is why they sold the pc division and everything else suffers from them.

Sony is still in danger of being sony'd by ms. Ms just has to make better movie games. That is entirely possible. 3rd parties are rallying around sony because of the money they made from an agreed monopoly. No one likes ms because they pay you and they move on. Sony desperately needs good games.

You can steal alot but you can steal skilled creativity in gameplay. Sony better get their stuff together before gamers wake up and realize they are the next sega.

Loadedklip3010d ago

Nintendo bought out the company in full. They are now a Nintendo 1st party studio so I doubt Monolith Soft will ever work on a PS4 game.

HavokPants3009d ago

`nintendo owns monolith soft

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maniacmayhem3010d ago

Wow a JRPG, GTA style, if I was not sold already I would be damn sure now throwing my money towards Japan and shouting: "send me this game now!"

I've always said if Nintendo can't get the third party games then they should just make their own similar versions of the popular game with a Nintendo twist.

Its what Sega did.