All Gamers Need Healthy Hands for Gaming

Have you felt pain in your hands when using a controller or keyboard & mouse? Then you definitely need to do something about your hands.

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Romudeth1536d ago

These videos are always cool! Awesome stuff!

Venomousfatman1536d ago

There isn't a video in the article. LoL. But it has a lot of useful info that everyone could use.

danowat1535d ago

I have CMC arthritis in my thumb, doesn't affect my gaming........yet.

But forewarned is forearmed, too late for oldies like me, but the younger ones can make changes that will ensure they don't get issues like this.

creeping judas1535d ago

I have arthritis in my right hand at the knuckle joints. A gift from my mom and dad, who have arthritis. I do find that I cannot game as long as I used to, so I take breaks often. Would hate for it to ever become so bad I cannot game any more!

Venomousfatman1533d ago

Yeah that would be a real pain. Hence why its always good to do what you can to prevent that. Being aware of whats going on with your body is a definite must.

pompombrum1535d ago

Fortunately most gamers get plenty of additional hand exercise outside of gaming to keep their hands in good condition.

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Stoppokingme1535d ago

I've got gamers thumb, is there a ointment for that?

The funny thing is that it's in my left thumb, you'd think that with all the button mashing QTE's nowadays it would be in my right thumb.

Needless to say I won't be playing Mario Party any time soon.

creeping judas1535d ago

The stick is quite often used for sprinting in shooter games. So when you are clicking the stick and holding it down, you are putting stress on the joint, and the fact you are moving the stick around doesn't help. That's why your left thumb is sore.

Venomousfatman1533d ago

Its always good to take a lot of breaks when you feel the soreness in your thumbs. Just shaking your hand off and moving it around for a few seconds is good. Even stepping away from the game for a few minutes is a huge plus.

Donnywho1535d ago

Much bigger problem for PC gamers as controllers keep the hands in a natural position as well as the wrist not having to be pressed against something.

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