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GamersFTW Reviewer Nick Ginser has played through the Beta release of The Crew and shares his impressions on this highly anticipated title.

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SuperDan-Dare1539d ago

Disappointed that visually it's not as great as it could be and am worried by the controls, but still hopeful as it's the beta.

one2thr1539d ago

Same thoughts exactly!

Why would a car go into a power slide by slightly turning, it was bad that I had to adjust the settings to get it to not do that.

Dirtnapstor1539d ago

It's a beta so I don't expect the visuals to be fully ramped up. I will say this is quite a comprehensive game! I'm impressed. Controls are a little wonky, but I'm no professional driver. There most definitely will be a lot to do upon release.

1539d ago
XxNxWxOxX1538d ago

Hi guys, this is Nick who wrote this article, I have to say if you play with the controller settings you can make it almost feel like GTA 5's controls. So far, I haven't found the ability to actually make cars but there are a ton of customizable options to play around with and you can find car parts around the world to build secret cars which is a ton of fun! I went from main to Florida to New Orleans back to Detroit and I was non stop driving on the highway for two hours straight. It is so much fun and the map is just huge. It could take weeks to unlock all areas of the map. I say as long as you play around with the settings, the game is a ton of fun!