Project Skywind Screenshots By Andy Cull

Skyrim Fansite writes: "Andy Cull, a good friend to the Skyrim Fansite, has recently published a gallery of amazing screenshots from project Skywind. Skywind, as you may know, is the ambitious project to recreate The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind for a new generation by rebuilding the game from the ground up with the Skyrim game engine (if you’d like to learn more, please read my articles Skywind: Recreating The World Of Morrowind and More Good News From Project Skywind).

Andy is a writer and director best known for his work in supernatural horror. He’s also a huge Skyrim fan, and is responsible for putting together the brilliant Faces of Skyrim galleries as well as publishing two exclusive Skyrim stories on our fansite: Morgen’s Journal and For My Reyda: The Red Huntress.

In his latest gallery, Andy captures the Skywind landscape in breathtaking detail. The screenshots do a tremendous job showcasing the project’s updated meshes and textures. This quite frankly, is not the Morrowind we grew up. By the Nine! Looking at these pictures, we can only stand in awe and appreciate the tremendous talent possessed by the project Skywind volunteers and the hard work it took to create such beautiful scenery."

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ThunderPulse1530d ago

Morrowwind was my favorite SP Xbox game.