Zen Pinball South Park Review At Skewed and Reviewed

Skewed and Reviewed have posted a positive review for the latest South Park pinball game. They loved the humor and action of the game on the PS 4.

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WitWolfy1538d ago

I'd rather want a new stick of truth kinda game.

optimus1538d ago

Bought this day 1 and like it a lot...i don't know why pinball can be so addicting as this game keeps me playing for hours without noticing the time...maybe because you're always trying to reach the highest score.

Garethvk1538d ago

One of their games required me to change my grip on the PS 3 control as my thumb was numb.

Garethvk1538d ago

I would love another Stick of Truth.

optimus1537d ago

Never played stick of truth but i'm going to look for it on black friday. I'm hoping to find it for $15 or less... As for this pinball game, i find myself playing this more than destiny, nba2k15. No sir, i don't need next gen gaming right now.

Garethvk1537d ago

There seems to be some good stuff still around for the last Gen and more coming as well.

WitWolfy1537d ago (Edited 1537d ago )

Last neb is still gonna be around for a loooong time. I still buy games to this day for my ps3 on psn. With that massive library it will never die.