Op-Ed: 'South Park' crtically destroys the free-to-play model

The freemuim game model has been one of the most controversial market trends in the gaming industry. It has been denounced by gamers as a parasitical setup to milk consumers just to advance in a mediocre product. Its no surprise that real gamers like Trey Parker and Matt Stone would use their show as a platform to critic the practice.

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stanr1533d ago

Trey Parker and Matt Stone are always brilliant in their critic of social, political and pop culture issues and this episode is no exception. "Freemium Isn't Free" isn't just a critic of the F2P model by a voice to real gamers whose critic has been drowned by industry talking heads and casual gamers in the media.

DarthZoolu1532d ago (Edited 1532d ago )

This! they should also make an episode about how big a scam things like, Disney infinity, Skylanders and Amiibos is. DLC taken to the extreme.

3-4-51532d ago

So glad they finally pointed this out. I figured they were aware of it, being gamers themselves and now involved in making games.

Snookies121533d ago

I loved the episode. Sure it dragged on a little in the beginning, but it really picked up by the end. They were so spot-on with what was said and portrayed, I couldn't help but laugh knowing a few people who actually have been conned into these types of things in the past.

XisThatKid1532d ago

off topic: seen alot of these pics (avatar pic) coming everywhere glad it's over and glad it ended right.
on topic: Missed it...on demand here I come

Snookies121532d ago

Hah, yeah. Thought I'd change up mine to honor the end of the series for a while. :]

2cents1532d ago

South Park, morality police? Hahahahahaha!!!!

But, I agree with everything they are trying to highlight.

This is a very good explanation about the free to play model >>> "While gaining traction in the industry; the practice has been denounced by gamers as a parasitical setup to milk consumers just to advance in a mediocre product. Those who support or give-in to this business models are known as casual gamers , which is why they are despised by real gamers. So its no surprise that real gamers like Parker and Stone would use their show as a platform to critic the system."

Well Said!

Roccetarius1532d ago

I haven't seen the episode myself, but it seems to summarize ''F2P and Freemium'' nicely. I despise the model and what it makes publishers / developers do to a game. Microtransactions are one of the worst things to penetrate subscription games as well.

Nekroo911532d ago (Edited 1532d ago )

Best animation tv show on air. I recommend everyone to watch the console wars episodes

DougLord1532d ago (Edited 1532d ago )

PAD is the WORST. 1st they have come up with the most addictive model possible. Pokémon combined with Candy Crush. Brilliant. Then they give you around 20 levels that are a cake walk, before jacking up the difficulty to where you have to spend $5 to beat 1 level! Holy SHIT. I spent $5 and then deleted the game!

BTW the AVERAGE gamer spends $12 and they have like 5mm players. So they made $600mm on a cheap APP! Good for them - but its total manipulation!

Dewitt1532d ago

I have never spent a penny on any F2P game because that is what it is free to play. I would rather wait or earn everything in a game like LoL then pay to win, much more rewarding.

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