Grand Theft Auto V PC Version To Use Denuvo DRM on Top of Steam

Looks like those planning to play Grand Theft Auto V on PC will have to deal with another DRM System on top of the protection already provided by Steam, and pirates will have a harder time in their unlawful attempts to acquire and distribute copies of the game.

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Snookies121536d ago (Edited 1536d ago )

Man, I really dislike when games get a DRM system put in place on top of Steam...

Is this code something you have to enter yourself every time you play, or does it do it automatically?

SteamPowered1536d ago

If it's anything like uplay I would imagine it just redirects you from steam to the alternate drm supplier. I'm not a fan of the extra drm. And not a fan of ubisoft dropping steam content here in canada either.

Feralkitsune1536d ago

It's more similar to SecuROM. Not a opposing client or anything. FIFA/ Lords of the Fallen already use it; hence why neither of those games can be pirated.

AuToFiRE1536d ago

Im not too worried about the DRM. If it gets bothersome, it doesn't take much to disable it.

pompombrum1536d ago

Still better than games for windows crap though

Snookies121536d ago (Edited 1536d ago )

Everything is better than Games for Windows, lol.

I remember buying GTA IV on PC, and not being able to remember my XBL password. So, it wouldn't even let me play it unless I changed it up. I just uninstalled it and didn't touch the game for months.

Bodge1536d ago

Denuvo is being made by the people who made SecureRom.

We're in for some hell if this turns out to be true for GTA V.

bmf73641536d ago

GTAIV has been through a hellapalooza of piracy on it's PC launch which is mainly why Rockstar hates PC gamers. I want GTAV PC but it's the fault of software pirates for the secondary DRM in GTAV

Yi-Long1536d ago

Perhaps a lot of the piracy of GTA4 was due to the fact that they completely botched up the PC-release, so a lot of people decided to first try it out through a pirated version to see IF and HOW it would run on their system...!?

user56695101535d ago

the thing i dont get why dont they give people incentives to buy the game. these in no way shape or form stop the game from being pirated. most people that pirate are broke or are from countries where game prices are unreasonable. Why do the do this to customers that going to buy the game. it turns people off. i not even sure if im going to buy the division anymore. idk

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xHeavYx1536d ago

Denuvo DRM? What the hell Rockstar? How is it possible???
Oh, by the way, what is Denuvo DRM?

Th4Freak1536d ago

Its the same DRM used in Lords of the Fallen and FIFA 15.

Plagasx1536d ago (Edited 1536d ago )

Lol well they see how well it's working since neither Lords or Fifa have been cracked yet.. and it's been weeks.

turdburgler10801536d ago

It's used to keep ladies from getting preggers...oh wait that's the nuvo ring wrong thing;-)

Conzul1536d ago

Normally I'm 100% anti-DRM and even somewhat pirate-friendly, but in the case of GTAV I'm not so phased at R*

I mean, face it. It will be pirated to hell and back and they won't make much on PC for their remastering efforts.

Course, pirates will probably defeat the DRM anyway. Not really anything to see here, I guess.

Feralkitsune1536d ago

Pirataing is nowhere near that bad on PC lol. Games on PC if they are good ports often make a shit ton of profits on Day 1. A game will sit at the top selling spot on steam for ages if it's a good port.

Look at Alan Wake for a prime example, hell even FFXIII which was a lazy port.

Conzul1536d ago

I'm not saying that it won't make a profit.

I'm saying that if it's likely that the profit that it DOES make is say, less than half of the profit it WOULD have made without piracy, then heavier DRM is justified.

fallacious1536d ago

Adding an extra layer of DRM is just pushing more people to pirate it. Look at what ubisoft is doing, alienating their user base.

Dark111536d ago (Edited 1536d ago )

Are we going back in time? ..
also i'm surprised no one managed to crack Fifa 15 and Lords of the fallen.

this DRM is currently unbroken.

Transporter471536d ago

It will get broken sooner or later. Might take long or not who knows. I don't really care though lol

Razputin1536d ago

If developers would actually release demos for their games it would help wonders with piracy.

Also the fact that games are either more expensive or less depending the region (which is understandable), isn't really fair.

You can get a $50-60USD game for about $20-25 elsewhere. Not complaining just stating facts.

This DRM is really poisonous, they better pray it doesn't affect the legit end users. Like Starforce and uPlay DRM before it, it may not go to well with others.

Gwiz1536d ago

They're afraid that their demo's will reveal things wrong with the game,even though a demo doesn't have to be the end products quality.

WeedyOne1536d ago

I HOPE THIS DOES NOT interfere or prevent the game from getting awesome GTA mods......

sungam3d1536d ago (Edited 1536d ago )

I'm worried about that too...

If you can't get mods. Not point of having the game.

I've been modding the game since vice city.
Made kick ass racing maps for Multi Theft Auto. (GTA multiplayer mod)

I agree the online portion should be mod free.
But let me do what I like offline in single player.

Feralkitsune1536d ago

The hell? there weren't even any mods worth buying GTA IV for. Mods do not make the GTA games.

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