GTA IV Modded At 4K Looks Mind-Blowing, New Images Blend The Line Between Video-Games & CGI

DSOGaming writes: "We all know that GTA IV can look gorgeous with mods. However, what ‘darkdeus‘ has managed to achieve with some mods and texture packs while rendering the game at 4K is simply too good to be true. This fella has shared a number of images, showing how spectacular GTA IV can look."

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guitarded771531d ago

I want to see Dark Souls with all these mods at this resolution. That could be beautiful.

windblowsagain1531d ago

Deep down is looking tasty.

wannabe gamer1531d ago

cant happen, DS doesnt have the textures to pull this off and it would take tons of work to add them if even possible. we can agree it would be awesome tho

Volkama1531d ago

Deepdown is a Playstation exclusive, so it certainly isn't looking 4k...

Giru0171531d ago (Edited 1531d ago )

We've managed that for a while now. GeDoSaTo and ENBSeries mods allow for 8k downsampling and tons of post-processing effects which make the game look amazing:

Without any additional mods, this is how Dark Souls 2 looks at 4k:

The internal resolution for DK2 can be pushed as high as 8k!

guitarded771530d ago

@ Giru017

Sweet. Thank's for the links. I have no idea why I got so many disagrees with wanting to see Dark Souls look all pretty. I love the art design in the game.

EZMickey1530d ago

@wannabe gamer


Dark Souls doesn't have to have any kind of textures for someone to do this. It's a MOD. It's user created content that's created and added in regardless of what's in the game already. GTA IV doesn't have 4K textures, independent modders added them in.

When uninformed gamers try to sound smart. I guess you wanna be someone who knows what they're talking about.

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Magicite1531d ago

Now just imagine how modded GTA5 gonna look next year.

frostypants1531d ago

AWESOME! Now, let's see it running at a playable FPS. Oh , wait...

Just another pointless eye candy slide show.

XanderZane1531d ago

Yes, I would like to see the game running at 60fps now in 4K. Where can I see that video?

IronWaffle1531d ago (Edited 1531d ago )

Wow looks pretty good, but the NPC sweeping that beautiful sidewalk looks like crap.

john21531d ago

Indeed. Modders can't really do anything about those dated NPC models. Which is precisely why I'm really looking forward to what GTA V will look with mods.

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Dee_911531d ago

GTA V mods will be the reason i get gta v for pc in the future, i will need a rig that can run it smoothly first though.

Kingdomcome2471531d ago

I don't know anything about modding really. Why couldn't they change the character models as well?

Kleptic1531d ago

Its not that they 'can't', its just the work involved is far more difficult than layering textures over static geometry...

animation is a whole different animal...then fitting textures over something animated...having it not look ridiculous when moving...and not bugging out the AI attached to it...

because of that most mods focus on easier things that give a bigger impact anyway...such as environmental changes like above...or new car models...or instead of better NPC's, having like 300x as many or something...

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LordMaim1531d ago (Edited 1531d ago )

@Kingdomcome247: Because it's a lot easier for a modder to re-texture a higher resolution building which isn't animated, and is a basic shape with straight lines so it doesn't need a new model.

For a person, they'd have to re-create the model with more polygons to ensure a more lifelike image at higher resolution (possibly the animation as well) and then also re-texture it as well to match the new model. Its a lot more work, and there are a ton of NPC types. Even doing it for the major characters alone would be a substantial undertaking.

Ace_Pheonix1531d ago

And yet Skyrim mods are just page after page of naked girl character models...

Insomnia_841531d ago

Here's one of the reasons there will be a next generation console, 4K gaming!

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Vegamyster1531d ago

Depends on when they come out and how much of a hit Sony/MS/Nintendo wanna take on them, I'm guessing the next ones will be 1080p 60 fps - 1440p 30 fps.

AndrewLB1531d ago

How many HDTV's have 1440p resolution? I've only seen it computer LCD's. Seems kinda pointless on an HDTV considering no channel broadcasts in that res and blu-ray is 1080p, making a jump to 4k. Nothing in between.

Utalkin2me1531d ago

My projector does 1440p. I can currently watch 4k movies in 1440p, it's not 4k i know. But it does look better then 1080p.

Vegamyster1531d ago


How many TV's are 900p? None that i've seen, that doesn't stop the resolution from being used.

EcoSos31531d ago

Of course there will be a next generation of gaming consoles, but at 4k? NOPE. They can barely do 1080p now I doubt theyll do 4k next.

Volkama1531d ago

GPUs are progressing quickly in terms of output, but also cost and power consumption. 4K won't be expensive 4 years from now.

BallsEye1530d ago (Edited 1530d ago )

4k got nothing to do with game looking like this. It's all about realistic lighting. N4g community has no idea how it works.

Here's some 4k+ minecraft:

Doesn't look like that gta huh? You guys are clueless.

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kingduqc1531d ago

I got to say, this particular one I would of said it was a photo if it wasn't for the ugly pole on the left and the water tower. Wow.

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