SSF II HD Remix: Ken vs Ryu Beta Gameplay

First-ever Gametrailers footage from the upcoming remix of your favorite 2D fighter.

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BIoodmask4743d ago

because he has the 3 hit flaming dragon punch. Also his hurricane kick doesn't knock the opponent down so you can get some really nice 2 in 1 air combos on the taller characters like Sagat and Zangief.

Swiftfox4743d ago

What was the Ryu waiting for in the first match? An invitation?

In a more critical point I have to say that the portats of the ladies don't look good at all to me. I realize what that they were going for as close to the origanal as possible but I bit of artistic liscence would have done some good.

The only addition I recall them giving to Ryu was the Fake Fireball (QCF+K) While they gave Ken many things: Button Command "Crazy-Kicks" Invicible strong DP (I believe) His Fierce DP knocks down on ANY hit and his Roundhouse Hurricane kick goes much farther.

That being said I still think Ryu is the better all around character. Although Ken has much improved and should be alot more fun to use than before.

59fifty84743d ago

i rather play street fighter 3rd strike over street fighter 2 any day so why did they go with street fighter 2. its not even better than alpha. too slow..

Dark General4743d ago

Makes me yern for a sprite based Street Fighter 4.