Xbox One in Japan 2 Months After: a Complete Disaster –But Microsoft Won’t Abandon the Japanese Ship

It’s been two months since the Xbox One launched in Japan on Spetember 4th, and it's now safe to say that the local release of Microsoft's new console is a complete disaster. Yet, those that advocate for Xbox to abandon Japan won't see their wish granted.

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KiwiViper851534d ago (Edited 1534d ago )

The important thing for Xbox in Japan is that they at least tried. Beause it would've been a lot easier to say were just gonna skip Japan altogether.

Releasing there almost gives 3rd party Japanese developers an obligation to produce games on the Xbox One, much more than if there was no Xbox in Japan.

Will it translate into sales of Xbox One in Japan? Probably not.

Will it translate into Japanese game sales worldwide? Absolutely.

Microsoft can only try to build a fanbase in Japan, whether its accepted on not.

Eonjay1534d ago

"Releasing there almost gives 3rd party Japanese developers an obligation to produce games on the Xbox One"

No. It does not. You see, game development and release costs money. Would you spend money on porting or releasing a game for a system if you couldn't recoup costs.

However as you stated, Japanese companies do world wide releases as well. Companies like Capcom and Square Enix have large interests outside of Japan, so you can expect the larger studios to continue supporting it regardless.

TheWackyMan1534d ago

"much more than if there was no Xbox in Japan"

You forgot a little bit. ;)

freshslicepizza1534d ago

thats true, it gives more availability of games to an even wider audience outside of japan for games like final fantasy that sell quite well in the west. which is why it makes sense to at least show you are interested in japanese game support.

the xbox one was set up to perform worse this time because sony did not come out late, in fact they came out earlier with the ps4 and it was also not so expensive like the ps3 was. japan still isn't as supportive to home consoles though, they like their handhelds more

XanderZane1534d ago

Microsoft will pay smaller Japanese studios to make games for the XB1. They will release it in Japan, Europe and U.S. It's a lot cheaper paying a smaller studio and Microsoft can recoup most of their money in the end. Big Japanese company like Capcom, Namco and SEGA will make games for XB1 anyways.

indyman77771533d ago (Edited 1533d ago )

That is well said. The thing Microsoft needs to do is spelled out. If you have watched for the last 12 years you will see that every week. The top 50 most wanted and to 50 sold, always has JRPG's.

In fact gen before last generation it was 25%, people started talking down JRPG's in the US, nothing could get a game review above 60% unless it was a action rpg. Even if it got 100%'s reviews in Japan. And people where saying jrpg's were dead. Which is not true, it has slowed in sales a LOT in the USA. But in Japan instead of it being 25% of sales, and most wanted it is 45% of sales, and most wanted. Guess what Xbox one has less of than xbox360?

Lately PS3 JRPG sales have taken off in the USA.

Japanese realize it takes about 4-6 years to make turn based JRPG's, and 1-2 years just to make a action jrpg. So they are more likely to buy a machine that will, and has announced making a machine with jrpg's.

Last generation(xbox360) Microsoft announced a studio(mist walker) with a few of square's top game talent, including the top musician. And that they where going to make a few turn-based JRPG's(system seller). And when they (blue dragon, and lost oddessey) where released sales did spike for awhile. That is why more Japanese where on the 360 then this time. But they realized also that those where about it (except for enchanarms). Not too many people could by a machine for two games that where turn based jrpg's. Microsoft tried harder last gen with money and had better success.

I do remember a rumor about Microsoft trying again but nothing solid....anyone know about it?

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TheWatercooler1534d ago (Edited 1534d ago )

"Releasing there almost gives 3rd party Japanese developers an obligation to produce games on the Xbox One"

Just like Eonjay said. It doesn't and major third parties are already pulling games from Xbone in Japan. Arkham knight for example.

Xbone in Japan is a disaster like the article says. Most of Europe is also a disaster for xbone. It's really only USA where there is a very slight competition

darthv721534d ago

while i agree with your initial statement about the system in JP. I have to say that the amount of salty tears you seem to shed over (almost) every XB1 article makes me think you should update your name to 'TheSaltWatercooler'

For someone with no interest in the seem to be the most vocal. Are you sure you arent a closet fan just trying to throw everyone else off the scent?

Kribwalker1534d ago

It's not "just the U.S. where it's a little bit competitive" it sells quite well in the UK, Canada, Australia South Africa, and even in China it sold over 100k at launch, which is quite good considering Sony themselves have stated they are only going to sell 200k a year. The mainland European countries are Sony strong, but elsewhere it's pretty competitive

Trekster_Gamer1534d ago

The real disaster h20cooler is your pathetic trolling comments…

Why don't you stfu and troll other area's.

KiwiViper851534d ago

Rocksteady isn't a Japanese developer

styferion1534d ago

elsewhere don't only consist of US, UK, Canada, Australia and South Africa..

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Bill_Willson_CIA1534d ago

"Releasing there almost gives 3rd party Japanese developers an obligation to produce games on the Xbox One, much more than if there was no Xbox in Japan. "

no it doesn't! Look for PS3 for example! it had a lot of japanese exclusives(like tales of,atelier,etc...) not because sony moneyhatted all this devs but because x360 was irrelevant in japan and Wii was too weak....

This probably will happen again this gen dev will go for ps4 exclusively because xone is selling poorly in japan...

Square and capcom will support the machine though...

jjonez181534d ago (Edited 1534d ago )

"Microsoft can only try to build a fanbase in Japan, whether its accepted on not."

The funny thing is...that MS isn't even trying in Japan anymore. Their core fan base in Japan has only shrunk from Xbox to Xbox One. If they were in for the long haul, they would fund some first party studios in Japan, or some niche game like Sony/Nintendo. And even when they get a great niche Japanese game (D4) they refuse to promote it and stealth launch it at a conference.

breakpad1534d ago (Edited 1534d ago )

it is simple ...Japan has a taste for quality ..they can recognize if a game has a real substance and when has not. it s a proof that COD and HAlo games are not that well made and dont have wide acceptance in most countries (even at Europe nobody buys Xboxes)...the only thing that could happen is MIcrosoft to throw a huge amount of money and buy one very successful IP for exclusive release AKA (Mon HUN,REsi, DRagon Quest,etcetc) although it ill be a wasted entry as Japanese will release it after a while for japan consoles (and japanes cannot be convinced easily and usually wait the game to come for their console). only if they buy a contract for a 10 year exclusive release will have some decent results for their console but that seems very unlikely...

n4rc1534d ago

You do realize these games are completely unknown and unwanted by the vast majority of gamers outside of japan?

Its not about quality or substance. Its about cultural differences.

breakpad1534d ago (Edited 1534d ago )

@ n4rc ..i agree with you , basically i m saying the same thing, the true cause is this. they have a superior art culture therefore taste for good art products or byproducts as games are

madjedi1534d ago

A taste for quality?, proof that cod and halo games are not well made absolute nonsense.

Japan has it's video game taste as does the rest of the world, which varies greatly depending on the individual, regardless of their geographic location or nationality.

It's a different culture neither superior or inferior to ours, japan is the last place i would be looking at in regards to console sales.

Japan's relevance now is software not hardware, the industry hasn't revolved around japan since the end of the ps2 era.

Magicite1534d ago

Its pretty much given, that X1 wont have as many Japanese exclusives, like X360 had. Although anything xbox related had done poor job in Japan.

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ThinkThink1534d ago

Japan's a tricky market now. They're more focused on mobile and hand held devices. If PS4 and Wii U are failing there you better believe Xbox is in a distant 3rd place.

Svinya1534d ago

Who the hell cares about Japan? They play rape sims and rpgs and silly DS games. MS is just wasting money there.

TRD4L1fe1533d ago

wow the ignorance is heavy with you

jjonez181534d ago

I wouldn't call the Wii U or PS4 failures in Japan. Compared to their predecessors, yeah of course, they're underperforming. But both are moving respectable weekly numbers pre holiday and without big hitters. DQ, MH, FF, Pokemon, etc... Japan is still a 15m-20m console market space, which is much more than can be said about most other markets.

BABY-JEDI1534d ago

Didn't they say that about the Titanic?

Tedakin1534d ago

When has xbox ever not be a disaster over there....

Automatic791534d ago

At least they gave it a try either way keep trying MS we love the system.

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