8 Reasons Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare is Definitely for You (or Not)

Twinfinite offers up 8 questions prospective Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare might like to ask themselves before decided to buy the game (or not).

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ape0071538d ago (Edited 1538d ago )

such an awesome game espicially the SP, i was quick to judge the game but after giving it some time, it's really good

the game feel complete and polished, the 3 year cycle is giving amazing results and the GRAPHICS in the sp is perhaps the best gfx I've ever seen, sometimes i question myself, what the hell did i just saw, was that real gameplay or a CGI???, games can't look that good

Joey_Leone1538d ago (Edited 1538d ago )

Nope, i'll pass again. I'll just get something original,Titanfall on PC looks way more fun.-The last cod i purchased was Black ops 1, i have no regrets. Cheers

Ghoul1538d ago (Edited 1538d ago )

im completly disapointed, (my own fault btw).

- to frantic to fast
- less teamplay then ever before since everyone is jumping around like crazy so you loose your mates instantly at roundstart.
- small maps
- no teamplay (at least for my experience)

- Cutscenes are awesome, and i like the scale of the story
- just one hotzone after the other with a lackliuste AI,
- Engagements are very uninteresting since you just walk from one shooting range to the next crawling in cover picking one by one. (at least in vet)

PC - Graphics are nice on the characters rest is deeply underwhelming for me.
Consoles - Definatly a nice achievement for cod in general - looks good

Almost perfect

It just feels like Titanfall without the wallrunning and better graphics.
first cod in years and i regret it, deeply

R1CAN6171538d ago

When you buy it does it come with any DLC items to download? 
Every year they always say pre order to get a exclusive DLC item like a map yet when you
buy it without pre ordering it you still get the map or item inside the box

caseh1538d ago

I think the new fad these days is day zero/day one editions.

Day zero release tends to come with a few perks, camo for exo, weapons etc. Strange thing is over in my local super market the vanilla release was sold out, but day zero was still in stock.

Case itself looked shite though, had DAY ZERO plastered across the front of it. Not something the average collector would appreciate.

spaceg0st1538d ago

My thoughts on cod (and this is coming from a decent cod player of years)... Disagree if you like, but this ones just not for me.

Most noticeable impressions with cod.
1. "Cod type" on mics. Ghetto/immature/kids. Playing bf4 for so long, you forget about how dumb people are over the mics.
2. Co op? Co NOT. The game and it's Exo suits are so fast paced, there's no real teamwork involved. It's kind of like every man for himself, and we'll check the score at the end including k/ds. (Where with bf4, you can actually coordinate with friends to take objectives and work through a map)
3. Feels like you're constantly hunted. Due to maps smaller size and vertical gameplay, it LITERALLY a feels like the enemy knows my location the whole time I'm alive, and are chasing to catch up to me, and when I stop to shoot someone, I get blasted from the back/sides/above. SO many deaths are from the back. Cheap death feel.

It was flashy fun at first, but it sure wore off fast. The most fun we had with it was playing 'classic' mode where there's no Exo suits and everyone's on the ground. We played a bunch of modes too, to test thoroughly.

OH... And campers GALORE! Windows, corners, laying down behind something. There's a ton of people who camp in the game. Cheap deaths are so frustrating

1538d ago
pompombrum1537d ago

I think for me COD just isn't a game I have an interest in anymore. This COD is definitely better than Ghosts by a long stretch but it's just the way it plays that I don't care for. It's so frantic and kills are just too fast for me to the point where it's who shoots first wins. I much prefer games like Halo and Destiny where kills take longer and where the better players wins 9/10

Mexxan1537d ago

Think I'm gonna play the campaign then ditch it. 'I'm too old for this shit.....'.

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