Top Five Ways to Build MMO Hype

Developing and launching successful mmorpg games is much more than just putting together a solidly designed game. If nobody knows about the game being developed, then that online game is doomed to failure despite how well crafted it may be. That's why so many companies spend a great deal of time hyping their game. The reason for this building of mmo hype is twofold. The first is just to raise awareness of the game itself. The second is to get players excited about the game to the point that they just can't wait for it to be launched and spend some money on it. Hype, whether we get sick of it or not, is a key component in the launch of any mmo, but there are many different ways to go around hyping a game. MMO-Play look at some of the more useful methods in their list of the top five ways to build mmo hype.

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