How PS4 Technology Made My Life Easier

SchollA from Console ControllUs - where the console controls us writes:

The Technology Sony added to the PS4 this gen was bigger for me personally than I even expected, here’s why.

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XisThatKid1537d ago

Screw this article,
My situation was completely convenient. First I was moving when my daughter was born (Nov 15, 13 also PS4 day) and I didn't bring my HD TV Had no idea PS4 was going to be HD only but for my luck I own a Vita so I still got to enjoyed my games but on the small screen. After purchasing my projector used my bulb went out after almost a year of constant use I'm back to exclusive Remote Play for a few more weeks until my brand new lamp comes in.

NitrousX1537d ago

He was basically describing how cool the screenshot capture is awesome on the PS4 as he can now take pics of his Madden Team.