The 5 Greatest Call of Duty Games of All Time

Advanced Warfare showed that Call of Duty isn't down for the count. But after over 10 years, which of the series' titles are the top dogs?

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Physco1532d ago

call of duty Advance warfare on number 4 its amazing

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Cream1531d ago

must we debate this every time there's a new COD.

venom061532d ago

yeah, it may not be down for the count, but it sure has peaked and starting to potentially get stale... They Can't do "future" next year, because done this year.. Can't do WWII, because that been done to death and is played out, and can't do "modern", because been there, done that..

Rimeskeem1532d ago

But we have yet to see a good WW2 next generation game.

Bathyj1532d ago

Wow, they made my favourite number 5. Thats a typical mindset of why the franchise has degenerated into an MP shooting gallery and why it doesnt interest me anymore.

Mister_Audrey1532d ago

I miss when Call of Duty tried to be semi-authentic.

Call of Duty 4 is my favorite.

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The story is too old to be commented.