Dominate The Crucible in Destiny With These 5 Simple Tips

Is the crucible in Destiny getting you down? Are you a RPG convert struggling in the fast paced FPS world? Or maybe you’re trying to purchase some better gear to get your light up. Whatever your reason is, if you want to keep that K/D ratio high and help your team win consistently, you’re going to have to go back to the basics. Let’s get right to it.

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itBourne1538d ago

Rule number 1: There are 3,731 ways to die instantaneously... Crucible is a joke, not even remotely a competitive mp.

ifistbrowni1538d ago

I don't know why anyone would get attached to this Multiplayer... I had to play it to finish the platinum trophy (max out crucible marks) and it was such a chore...

I was running an auto rifle and was tired of the fusion rifle and shotgun spammers.. So, I pulled out my Found Verdict and have gotten multiple death threats from people on Destiny calling me every name in the book for using such an OP weapon...

I laughed at that.. The whole game is terribly unbalanced. I dont see how anyone can have "endless" fun while running around and using a Shotgun. It's so easy, but not fun in the slightest bit.

Anyway, I now have my Destiny Platinum Trophy and will never pick up this garbage multiplayer again.

If you're wondering: "well, why did you click on this article then." It was to tell you to just jump in multiplayer with the Found Verdict. As long as you use the radar and non stop spam that gun, you will finish first almost every game... Very rarely would I find a team that could contain it.

Tru_Blu1537d ago

Impressive, I'm never going to get that complete the raid without anyone dying trophy so I just gave up on plat'n this game.

Cryptcuzz1537d ago

Meh, I'd rather use my pocket infinity. Slow charge up time, but it has served me more than enough in the crucible.

Found verdict is indeed a good weapon, but lemme guess, blink forward and shoot?

ifistbrowni1537d ago

@"blink forward and shoot"

No, I didn't do anything that would require any thinking. Just run up in their face and shoot them with a shotgun. The game's online is terrible and takes no skill.

As I said in my previous post, it's a shotgun and Fusion rifle fest... There is hardly any skill behind it. All it requires you to do is hit an enemy one or two times.

kneon1537d ago

I've never died in the crucible since the game released.

That's because I haven't played the crucible since the alpha and beta. I didn't like it then and from all I've read I won't like it now.

Mister_Audrey1538d ago (Edited 1538d ago )

Here's how you win in the Crucible.

1. Learn how to use the radar.

2. Always use an auto-rife as your primary.

3. Increase your sensitivity so you can turn quicker when people are on top of you.

And remember, the game aims for you with its aim-assist.

magnumram80081538d ago

What are you talking about? Destiny is competitive and its fun. It just needs more stuff thats gonna be expensive which is why I went back and updated killzone shadow fall.

I dont believe games suck. They all do what they do on thier own. Like with cod aw, its not a team tactical game. Its arena like quake. I personally enjoy tactical games with heavy mic usage to call out kills. Destiny keeps squads tight without people realizing on the map.

You guys need to stop saying games suck or are trash abd just stick with your preference. Its very simple. No critic or random person is going to sell or convice you. There are way too many youtubers and streams happening for that kind of nonsence from the sheep regurgitating critics opinions. Grow a pair will ya

joab7771537d ago

It's not CoD so it sucks. It's why Destiny sucks, it's why Battlefield sucks, Counter Strike, etc. They are all garbage.

Hell even Ghosts sucked cuz it wasn't a real CoD game lol!

magnumram80081538d ago

Also, I would like for the children who dislike a game to please state your current favorite game of the genre. Dont worry if someone else dislikes it or if anyone has even heard of it. You are a voice of millions of gamers. Not everyone is gonna be on your bandwagon. So please, you say x game isnt your preference in comparison to what y game of yours.


joab7771537d ago

90% will say CoD, mixed w some Halo and Titanfall. There's your answer.