Eternal Sonata PS3 Detailed

RPGFan writes:

"Bandai Namco Games announced that its Xbox 360 RPG Trusty Bell: Chopin no Yume (Eternal Sonata in the US) will be available for PlayStation 3 in Japan in mid-September. More than a year has passed since the game's release on the Xbox 360 in Japan, but the developers have apparently used this time to make significant changes to the game. As previously reported, two new playable characters, a new quest and the option to change a character's outfit had already been confirmed to be part of the PlayStation 3 release's feature set. Further improvements announced today include a new dungeon, a revised scenario with multiple endings as well as new songs by pianist Stanislav Bunin and composer Motoi Sakuraba."

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TheHater4742d ago

Is there any plan to bring this game to the US? I played the demo on my xbox360, and I like it. So I will be getting it for the ps3 if it is release in north America. If not, then i will be getting it for the xbox360

Expy4742d ago

That's probably 100% yes, since they did the same for the 360.

Dannagar4742d ago (Edited 4742d ago )

Based on what I've read, Eternal Sonata PS3 Won't Leave Japan.

The Xbox 360 version is cheap now. I've seen it for for as low as $19.95. It should also be noted that most games that come out late on PS3 (that have added content), usually have that additional content available on Xbox Live for download.

PirateThom4742d ago

The 360 version may be cheap, I've seen it for low prices as well, but I want the complete version.

ruibing4742d ago

I really hope they bring it to these shores as I really don't want to buy a 360. You would think that they might find it smart to do so during the JRPG drought.

ElementX4742d ago

LOL, "the complete version" The 360 version was the "complete" version. The PS3 version was pushed back and delayed and to make it work gamers' time, they added a few extras. There's nothing wrong with the 360 version. I played and enjoyed it, but I find it hard to complete RPGs because too many new games come out. I'd say I put in over thirty hours.

Light Yagami4742d ago

Eternal Sonata is IMO the best JRPG on the 360. Glad I live in Japan. Would gladly purchase the PS3 version, after I erase L.

PirateThom4742d ago

I didn't say there's anything wrong with the 360 version either, but it's still lacking various content like:

Two new playable characters
A new quest
A new dungeon
A revised scenario with multiple endings...

Those aren't extras, they're outright improvements, especially the multiple endings part.

-L-4742d ago (Edited 4742d ago )

Light Yagami, as of now, I have placed Misa Amane under arrest for the suspicion of her being the second Kira. She is currently under interrogation.

Dannagar4742d ago (Edited 4742d ago )

I enjoyed it but I was glad when it was over. I actually thought there were too many characters. I end up playing with the same 4 and ignoring the rest (unless I was made to play with the others, which happens). I don't think I'd ever replay it for multiple endings. Than again, if you are an JRPG fan, there aren't many options at the moment for PS3, so you might play it a number of times.

If you'd want to pay more money for this game and wait for an unknown amount of time, than more power to you. Either way you'll enjoy it or maybe not (if it doesn't come out domestically) Cheers

iamtehpwn4742d ago

I know you're Kira <_<

Big Jim4742d ago

Eternal Sonata better than Lost Odyssey? You might want to consider cutting back on the smack.

gambare4742d ago

"I cant speak for any other territories, but I believe Eternal Sonata is only announced for the PS3 in Japan right now"

RIGHT NOW, they didn't say NEVER. It's like all the JRPG releases, they will launch it first in Japan and later in US and EU

Light Yagami4742d ago

You what? L, is there any way I can communicate with Misa?

And I am Not Kira! If I were Kira, you'd be dead.

-L-4742d ago (Edited 4742d ago )

Unfortunately not for the time being, as such, there will be no communication forwarded to Miss Amane. She is a vital asset in the Kira investigation. We are simply asking for her full cooperation.

jadenkorri4742d ago

will it be english or fully japanese?, since ps3 is no longer bound by regions...i will order probaly, but speak no japanese

gaffyh4741d ago

Bloody Light and L stay on topic and stop spamming. We all know Death Note is awesome, we've seen it.

On topic I may get this game now, I just don't like the way it looks graphically

Ryuk4741d ago

Hehehe, this is getting good. Cool game btw

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Shaka2K64742d ago

Good beta-test xbugs, now PS3 players get to play the complete and superior version of the game.

PirateThom4742d ago

Oh yeah, Virtua Fighter. I remember a lot of Bots saying how the PS3 version was the beta for the 360 version.


Dannagar4742d ago

Are you seriously proud to get an Xbox 360 hand me down or to be an afterthought?

PirateThom4742d ago

Well, 360 fans were happy to get Virtua Fighter and wouldn't shut up about MGS4 for about a year.

Dannagar4742d ago (Edited 4742d ago )

I actually bought Virtua Fighter 5 for Playstation 3 and Later bought it on Xbox 360. The online play was a major element. Virtua Fighter 5 is only fun playing against other players. I wouldn't try to down play that feature. And as I recall, PS3 owners were the ones that made the fuss over it; petitioning for a patch for online play.

As for Metal Gear Solid 4, I didn't buy it for my Playstation 3. I was never a fan of the series. If Xbox 360 users cry about it, than throw it in their faces.

PirateThom4742d ago

It's true, but I don't think there's anything wrong with wanting an "major feature" as you said.

I got Virtua Tennis for PS3 and there's no online play... but I was probably the only one who did, so a petition probably wouldn't have helped.

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Swiftfox4742d ago

It seems like they are really giving this game an overhall. It will be good to see the final outcome.

PirateThom4742d ago

If this doesn't get released outside of Japan, I hope the Japanese version at least has the English Language included.

TheHater4742d ago

Agree. then we can just import it from PlayAsia

facepalm4742d ago (Edited 4742d ago )

Maybe they will bring the game over here to the states... Only Namco Bandai knows for sure.

But if they do announce it, it may take a bit longer for the game to get localized since they need to translate the new scenarios and endings, get voices for the new characters, as well as get back the old English voice actors to do the new scenes.

As for me I would rather have them just translate the text over and leave out the English Voice Actors, which were nevertheless, not that good in for this game. (As well as most other J-RPGS.)

EDIT ADDED: Crossing my fingers that they will bring it over...

Dark_Overlord4742d ago

are a bunch of A Holes who reguarly pull this type of crap

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