PS4 Extremely Successful Marketing Campaign Wins TIGA Award; Minecraft and Forza Horizon 2 Triumph

The UK game industry trade association TIGA just held the ceremony for the prestigious TIGA Awards in London.

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qwerty6761535d ago

"Best Acton/Adventure Game – Large Studio: Watch_Dogs"

are they being srs?

"Best Visual Design: Forza Horizon 2"

ey out of all the games idk about this one.


I agree on WD, But FH:2 is very beautiful in motion and the draw distance with the God rays in the foreground and fireworks in the rainy nights reflecting off the road and cars really makes the game stand out!

KiwiViper851535d ago

The PS4 pretty much marketed itself didn't it.

I don't remember Sony putting any real effort into it.

GameDev11535d ago

I do, watching the CL tuesday and wednesday, Playstation PS4 sponsors, within that are Playstation ads

Many websites carry Playstation ads, #4theplayers ads still runs on tvs

Lots of PS ads here in Ireland

KiwiViper851535d ago

Maybe that's the difference, in New Zealand not so much.

mhunterjr1535d ago

The drop the mic E3, the greatness awaits tagline, The co-marketing deals with Watch Dogs and Destiny, the live action infamous commercial... Sony's marketing team did some great work.

Christopher1535d ago

They actually did put a lot of effort into it and continue to do so. Just look at next month's event.

RedDevils1535d ago

That's because you live NZ, population are way smaller than Europe or USA, where the marketing team would likely focus on those market

Rimeskeem1535d ago

Cause 400$ price tag and new controller and all the first party developers and stronger hardware sure wasn't Sonys idea

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ImAPotato1535d ago

Game of the year "Minecraft"?!?!?!?!? ?! WUT?

No_Limit1535d ago (Edited 1535d ago )

Well deserved for Forza Horizon 2.

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