Rev3 Games is closing up shop


The word is that Revision 3 Games is shutting down. Both hosts Tara and Nick have already posted their goodbyes and we're likely to see others follow suit.

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TheWackyMan1539d ago

I called it. As soon as Adam said he was leaving, so was the only reason people payed any attention to rev3 games.

LOGICWINS1539d ago

Adam brought my attention to Rev3, but I stayed for Nick. That dude is on point with his reviews.

jcnba281539d ago

Was never was a fan of Sessler, Nick and Tara were the only ones I liked.

DefenderOfDoom21539d ago

Yeah , i think NICK has a future on YOUTUBE talking about video games. NICK was a intern at GIANT BOMB, before he went to REV3 .

I would like to see NICK , TARA , and ADAM SESSLER work together again. And do not do YOUTUBE reviews of games . Just do first impressions , Podcast, ect.., and just have fun , kinda like GIANT BOMB .

EdoubleD1539d ago

That's too bad. I liked Rev3 bar Adam Sessler, their first impression videos and interviews were great.

Lukebb911539d ago

Why didnt you like sessler?

ziggurcat1539d ago

where do you want to begin?

the reduction of a god of war: ascension review score because of a colloquialism used for a trophy?

or the 1080p @60fps, no exceptions! ... and then suddenly resolution wasn't important once it was known that xbone wouldn't be 1080p @60fps for all games?

or slandering sony for not giving him a free PS4 prior to the launch?

InTheLab1539d ago

Sessler basically kicked off gamergate with resolutiongate and his defense of MS. But honestly, he's been corrupt since 2008.

Lukebb911539d ago

Its a shame but most of them will find new jobs for other youtube channels or sites

Blacktric1539d ago

Great. One less corrupt/nepotist infested shithole of a site. It was a hellhole that housed "journalists" that left Destructoid, so it's not a big loss.

Gaming247allday1539d ago

You call Rev3 a shithole, yet your on N4G with sites like Dualshockers and others running their clickbait 247 lolololol

Blacktric1539d ago (Edited 1539d ago )

"yet your on N4G with sites like Dualshockers"

I don't remember Dualshockers taking off points from a game for having a trophy called "Bros Before Hoes". And they have the balls to remove a review they find underwhelming quality wise, instead of letting it stay there like a joke to visitors of the site.

CaptainPunch1539d ago

Couldn't agree more, there are far more worst sites posting content on N4G than Rev3 ever did.

DanielGearSolid1539d ago

Where ever nick goes, I hope to god they dont put him in EVERY SINGLE VIDEO, like they been doing at Rev3 recently

kccs71539d ago

Well, he's going to be on his own personal channel, so prepare to be disappointed.

DanielGearSolid1539d ago

That's even better, i can just not watch it

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The story is too old to be commented.