NBA 2K15’s 2KU Doesn’t Make the Grade

GoodGameBro writes, "Every year, I have the same criticism of NBA2K‘s training mode: it teaches you to play 2K, not how to play basketball. Now, prior to this year, that was a criticism that extended to every sports game, as none of the other big sports titles offered anything more than a tutorial of controls. It’s something I’ve written about in the past: as the games become more sim-heavy, they need to give users proper teaching tools on how to succeed in these new, more-realistic environments."

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DarthZoolu1536d ago

Well you're not playing basketball. You're playing 2K

iceman061536d ago

This is a bit silly. I understand that the author would like a deeper understanding of the game. But, basketball is a bit more dynamic than football when it comes to offense and defense. It's more of a flowing game than an instant chess match (like American football). It would be a bit difficult to present every scenario that you should use a pick and roll or roll off of a pick and roll on defense. That being said, they didn't provide their usual interactivity with the new tutorial.

Ashby_JC1536d ago

I agree with the article.

A basic tutorial of the individual defensive settings would help many who do not understand basketball.

Also I hate when games take out what worked. They used to have practice mode where you could run plays and also picked the defensive set your going against.

In the scrimmage mode you cant even see the plays on the floor to practice.