Amazon PS4 Half off sale, and many more.

All of these sales are half off or more. Most of the titles are what you would find for the previous year, and nothing of recent. But at half off, that is some great value.


Title changed: PS4 Half off video game sale, plus more.

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Lucreto2581d ago

Wish Amazon UK would get the same kind of deals.

The_KELRaTH2580d ago

It's important we prop up the US and Euro economy by paying so much more!!

Look at it as the UK gamers including charity donations to these poor 3rd world countries!

Th3o2580d ago

so basically everyone else is a 3rd world country?

A) UK is part of the "Euro" economy.

B) Games don't help the economy anymore than DVDs do.

C) US alone is still 2xs the UK economy fyi.

Stop trying to post your closed minded views on everyone.

Try to read around, and see that UK minimum wage is also about 25% more than US (7.50US vs £6.50) which the point is about 50% higher than the US$

Then you have to consider your governments Taxes and requirements for imported games...

There are many factors rather than "Oh we support everyone's economy)

This isn't welfare so stop acting like a douche.

uptownsoul2580d ago (Edited 2580d ago )

TOOK off my comment about NBA Live since it's a sale on NBA Live 14 and not 15…But while Live 15 is better than 14, it still has a way to go before competing with 2K

paul-p19882580d ago

@Th3o I believe he was being sarcastic...

Th3o2580d ago


Sarcasm doesn't translate without quotes, it just looks like a lousy joke to me.

lipton1012580d ago

Publishers make a killing off the £. The exchange rate is just north of to 1.5:1 USD. I'm sure they also have great internal speculators that hedge their uk revenue against USD depreciation to make even more. Buy used my UK friends, depreciation is your friend.

2580d ago
InactiveUser2579d ago (Edited 2579d ago )

~Half-off of launch retail on year old games is normal pricing.. nothing too special here.

FYI: It looks like Wal-mart also matched the pricing if people prefer buying there for whatever reason.

bouzebbal2579d ago

absolute bargain..
i hope we get same treatment in Europe.

The_KELRaTH2578d ago (Edited 2578d ago )

I really can't believe anyone could take my post seriously but you are actually incorrect in your appraisal:

The UK has it's own currency, it does not use the EURO.
Games, DVD's and everything you buy and sell, invisible earnings, services etc make up an economy.

To genuinely calculate the "value" of a minimum wage you must also include the cost of living.

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thepatientgamer2580d ago guys do have the sweet Majora's Mask Limited Edition Pre Order right now so...

Lucreto2580d ago

I know, it is lovely. I have ordered it already.

Th3o2580d ago

Title fix, Half off PS4 GAMES lol at first I understood consoles.

That would be insane.

lizard812882580d ago

Haha, that is what I thought. I was going to buy a PS4 at 50% off

InactiveUser2579d ago (Edited 2579d ago )

Noone in their right mind would expect a legit $199 PS4 offer without a major catch like being part of a high interest credit card offer with plenty of fees if you didn't carry a certain balance or use it x amount of times.. meaning they'd be making that money back and then some. That or it would be a pricing error that would have been corrected by the time the article was approved and the orders would be cancelled, possibly with an option to buy at full price with a $20 or so 'sorry for our mistake' gift card.

Razuel2580d ago

Sorry guys, that was not the intent. Fixed on site, don't see an option here. *submission is already approved.

optimus2580d ago

You can still edit it if you the gears icon in the top right corner where the picture is. It won't need to go through another approval process.

Yaay4me2580d ago (Edited 2580d ago )

Lol that hit me like a lightning bolt
Still though, those are some great deals.

Kribwalker2580d ago

For $26 u get NFS Rivals, or, for $30 you get rivals plus bf4 fifa 14 PVZ garden warfare madden 14 and Peggle EA access is a fantastic deal and Sony really dropped the ball by not allowing it on ps4

And I know I'll get a tonne of disagrees but it's true

2580d ago
Sashamaz2580d ago (Edited 2580d ago )

For $26 you own NFS rivals, for $30 you rent rivals plus BF4, FIFA 14, PVZ garden warfare, Madden 14 and Peggle EA access is moderately better than blockbuster. Sony really dropped the ball by not allowing a service similar to theirs on their platform /s

k3rn3ll2580d ago

I don't recall a blockbuster that would give me all those games for a year. Ever

SniperControl2580d ago (Edited 2580d ago )

They are one year old games which most gamers bought at there release anyway, so paying $30 for old games is pointless, I got my x1 three weeks ago and had a look at EAA, didnt go for it as i own most of the games anyway, Fifa 14 has already been traded in for 15, PVZ and peggle 2 are poor games anyway, they were also at one point free on ea's other ripp off service origin.

The discounts are pointless, as ea overcharge for there digital games anyway, hardcopy games are much cheaper from amazon.

Like you, i will probs get a load of disagrees, but it's still the truth.

@Immorals below


Immorals2580d ago

I don't know what games you played, but pvz and peggle are some of the best games out this generation.

k3rn3ll2580d ago

Yea and all the games on this list of ps4 amazon sales are a year old as well. What's ur point?

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