DarkEnd - PC Review | Chalgyr's Game Room

Chalgyr's Game Room writes:

On a general principle I have two adjectives that get attached when I am called a gamer. The first is that I am more often than not being called a niche gamer by most of the people I know. Comes with the territory of playing Nippon Ichi, Compile Hearts, a fair amount of indies and RPG Makers among others. The second thing that is said is that I am a sadistic gamer. Dark Souls 2? Took the day after it came out because lets be honest, why take the day it comes out off when stores only open at certain hours? Taking the day after means you can get home after work, slap in the game and play until you can’t play anymore. I swear that was not twenty hours of gaming in two days. My point with all of this? DarkEnd falls into the both categories and it was one hell of a dungeon crawl. Seriously. Who puts poison on all the monsters on the first level? Brilliant!

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