Evolution Trademarks Driveclub PlayStation Plus Name, Promises Game’s Release Within 10 Years

Evolution Studios noted that they had trademarked the Driveclub name 10 years ago, waiting for technology to make the game they wanted. Now they have done the same with Driveclub PS+ Edition and are waiting for the technology to finally create the game they envisioned. For now, it seems they are pinning their hopes on the PlayStation Plus Edition of the game which was to be released last month but has since been postponed. It seems that the world is still not ready for a free version of Driveclub. (Satire)

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Robochobo1532d ago

Got to admit I had a good chuckle reading the excerpt.

Hopefully Evolution can pull it together and get it sorted out soon.

KiwiViper851532d ago

I wouldn't think the name "Driveclub" would need to be trademarked so far in advance. I think it is a boring, uninspired name, and had they missed out and been forced to rename it, would've been no big loss.

lolosgolos1531d ago (Edited 1531d ago )

What a disaster after gathering a big following of open wallets. It didn't even have to be as good as the other racers to sell, just in good working order

Edit: PS+ version to release before Last Guardian