Sucker Punch's Unannounced New Game Will Still Be "Open World" with "Diverse" Characters

There have been signals out there that Sucker Punch is currently working on a new project, and a new career opportunity ad seeking a Narrative designer recently published by the developer serves at the clincher, also giving a few info on what it'll entail.

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Lawboy21533d ago

Looking forward to this and the guerrilla games announcement

Lulz_Boat1533d ago

can't wait for the PS Experience!

S2Killinit1533d ago

I have a feeling there is going to be something special coming. (: can't wait either.

SmielmaN1533d ago

I'm very interested in anything sucker punch makes. The infamous series made me compelled to get the platinum trophies. Those games resonated with me.

CuddlyREDRUM1532d ago

Who needs Driveclub PS Plus when you can go look at an Uncharted poster?

vishmarx1532d ago (Edited 1532d ago )

damn all this sucker punch,Capcom ,Guerilla ,naughty gods, rumored big budget jprg , so much goodness and a tlg teaser saying '2015'(wishful' but possible)
this event will set the winters on fire.

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MRMagoo1231533d ago

The more open world games the better imo , I hope there are heaps being made because the devs will have to do some special things to stand out and open world games are by far my favourite style of game be it rpg or shooter.

StrawberryDiesel4201533d ago

Please less emo than Infamous Second Son

GribbleGrunger1533d ago

I agree. I was expecting great things from the narrative and script in Infamous: Second Son but as soon as the brother started flapping his arms and shouting 'I eat babies' I knew all was lost.

KrisButtar1533d ago

I disagree Gribble. I thought the "I eat babies" part was one of the highlights to the game. I had a pretty good laugh there. "All was lost" when a certain person died. Still a great game but it wasn't as fun after the certain person died.

Loktai1533d ago

So humor is what turns you off eh. :/

Conzul1533d ago


inFamous 1: Zeke: "Everything sucks donkeyballs!" OMG luv zeke

inFamous 2: Cole: "Heheheh, she said 'Penal Code'" OMG miss Cole!

inFamous SS: Reggie: "I eat babies!" All is lost!

WeAreLegion1533d ago

Emo? What was emo about it?

GarrusVakarian1533d ago

Delsin would be classed as 'indie', not 'emo'.

ziggurcat1533d ago

i would go more with faux indie, personally...

Loktai1533d ago

So ziggurcat I guess you must've known indie "before it was cool"?... I kid.


To be fair, I can't see the difference.

wsoutlaw871533d ago

what are you even talking about?

CryofSilence1533d ago (Edited 1533d ago )

Wasn't emo. He was more grunge. Seattle is basically where it came about after all, so it makes sense.

This is emo:

This isn't:

SniperControl1533d ago (Edited 1533d ago )

More of a hipster?

if i was the dad of that kid in the first picture, i'd slap him silly.

CryofSilence1533d ago

But Seattle is the home town of grunge. It makes sense. Heard of Nirvana?

360ICE1533d ago

That was an incredibly accurate cosplay. He even got the powers right.

DasTier1532d ago

Lol his image does not invoke that of 'grunge'.

Grunge was Nirvana, Alice In Chains, Pearl Jam. That character just looks like a tool.

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Khronikos1533d ago

Delsin was not emo lol. You have no idea what emo is.

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True_Samurai1533d ago

This gen is gonna be the gen of open world games. And I have no problem with that :)

Mr Logic1533d ago

I say bring it on. I've played open world but never really liked it more or less than other genres. But since getting my PS4 in July I've platinumed both inFAMOUS and Watch_Dogs. Almost done with Shadow of Mordor, working on ACIV Black Flag. And probably gonna get GTAV. I think the worlds are just more engaging and devs are able to push more little things that add to the immersion.

Agent20091533d ago (Edited 1533d ago )

And I have a problem with that. Not every developer out there has talent and funds to create vibrant, detailed and interesting open-worlds, like Rockstar Games does or Bethesda Game Studios. Many of them fail in that matter, creating huge empty maps without a place for decent storytelling... I'm talking about you, Just Cause 2.

In general, I'd like to see more of semi-open world games such as Batman: Arkham Asylum or Dishonored, since they're easier to do for smaller teams, and leave the huge open worlds for guys like R*, who actually have both budget and skills to do these worlds properly.

KiwiViper851533d ago

I liked how Sniper Elite 3 had a linear feel with the missions you had to complete, like there was an obvious path you needed to follow, but the areas were big enough that you could approach the objectives however you felt like. Rooftops, Tunnels, Caves, just plenty of options.

SuperBlur1533d ago

I think your choice of games to make a point is poor. The team who did Asylum is much bigger nowadays , they've built Gotham City entirely, from what i understand . Its going to be epic to drive through Gotham in the batmobile. Super Heroes games need to be open world , most of them anyway. Dishonored could've easily be done in an open world environment, its basically a modern Elder Scroll.

Games like The Last Of Us , which rely heavily on timed events at specific location , character developments etc .. would be difficult to achieve in an open world space but still i think it would be a challenge worth breaking through . The MP is fun but an open world MMO based on the lore? I think a lot of people would be pleased. With the tech devs have at hand these days , they could easily push the envelop of mmo's.

Plagasx1533d ago

Yup, more power more open world to render :)

martinezjesus19931533d ago

Gimme more Infamous!! But this time make it a little longer please, with actual side quests that have some sort of story not just collecting things and killing certain groups. That has been my only problem with Infamous.

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