The Nintendo Direct: Satisfying And Unsurprising

Yesterday's Nintendo Direct was exactly what it needed to be - even if wasn't anything very surprising.

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thorstein1537d ago

They just sold me on the Wii U.

R00bot1537d ago

Already owning a Wii U, they sold me on Amiibo. Before I didn't realise how many uses they would have, but what they've used them for is impressive.

DougLord1537d ago

Im a Xone owner - and If I was a big Nintendo fan I'd be watching these Sony/MSFT wars with a smug smile knowing I had the best library right now by 2x.

Deadpool6161537d ago

That head start Nintendo got is starting to payoff. Nintendo still needs to get rid of their region locking policy. People want to give Nintendo money even if they're not from the region. I don't know why they would want to deny anyone's money because of that. People are most likely going to buy the game again in their native language once it's available anyway.

Kevlar0091537d ago

Am I the only one pyched for the MK8 DLC? I'm paying 66 cents map for the some of the best maps Ive seen put in DLC, to say they're "unsurprising" seems like an understatement. Who would've thought they'd charge so little for so much. They could've sold them at $15 per set, but instead it's $6 each if you buy 2. I've put in over a thousand races into the game already, another 500 hundred for each pack will be underway.

Xenoblade X keeps looking better, and Toad's TT looks well worth the $40.

Concertoine1537d ago

Im pretty sure they made Capt. Toad in barely a year which is quite impressive. More software coming out at a faster pace at a budgeted price is what nintendo should keep pushing.

BigDuo1537d ago (Edited 1537d ago )

Majora's Mask 3DS - It was kind of a surprise announcement even though Nintendo's been teasing us about a potential remake since last year, but it's great that they've been listening to the Zelda fan base. The boxart looks awesome too.

Code name S.T.E.A.M. - I don't have a 3DS, but the game looka pretty interesting, so Intelligent Systems may have come up with a worthwhile original IP.

Captain Toad - I don't need to see any more footage of this game because it already looks like a must-have title.

Hyrule Warriors Amiibo support - It was interesting to know that the game is going to support all of the Smash Bros Amiibo figurines for unlocking DLC content, apparently all in the form of extra weapons or maybe some other things too. It was a cool to see that Hyrule Warriors didn't forget to include one of the coolest gadgets in Zelda franchise's inventory - the top spinner! That could have been a missed opportunity.

Duck Hunt Dog Smash Bros trailer - It never ceases to amaze me how excellent Sakurai and his staff are at nailing nostalgia in Smash Bros. They even threw in that cool NES Zapper gun reference. Anyway, the trailer was fun to watch with Duck Hunt dog's display of his unconventional move set.

Splatoon - The more I see of this game, the more I want it. It reeks of Nintendo's whimsical characters, colorful, charming art style and imaginative gameplay. I hope this game ends up supporting Amiibo too!

Xenoblade Chronicles X - As a big fan of the original Xenoblade, X has me drooling in excitement. I can't wait to explore those ridiculously gigantic locales and fly around in a big ass mech too. I just wish Monolith Soft would show us more combat footage already.

Mario Kart 8 DLC - If this is Nintendo's idea of how to DLC, then I want to see more of it! The content unlocked with Amiibo is a nice touch.That Zelda bike looks so cool and the Kirby helmet is irresistible.

Kirby's Rainbow Curse - Yes, it's nice to know the game is coming out in early 2015. The stop motion-like animation and colorful claymation art style is so cheerful it would put a smile on even a serial killer's face!

CouldHaveYelledUiiW1536d ago

MM re-make strongly compels me to want a 3DS.

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