Grand Theft Auto V New 1080p Screenshots Show That A Lot Of Work Has Gone In This Remaster

GearNuke: "Rockstar Games has released a lot of brand new screenshots of the game showing the PS4 and Xbox One version."

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affrogamer1535d ago

I expect Rockstar and Naughty Dog to make the next best-looking current gen games with their initial experience of the hardware through remastering of their games!

purpleblau1535d ago

Sure as hell, they are totally capable of doing that!

drinkwater911535d ago

you forgot 343 with Halo master chief collection


Wow, I expected some downgrades for GTAO like on last gen, but man, it looks almost as good as SP! Little losses of foliage detail and hand texture detail in FP, etc. Wow, CAN'T WAIT TILL THE 18TH!

Valenka1535d ago

It looks unbelievably fantastic. It almost seems like they rebuilt it from the ground up. The first person mode isn't even a tacked on bonnet-view feature, it's a legitimate first person mode. Unreal! I'm so excited and less than two weeks way, no less!

Muzikguy1535d ago

The game that shows how remasters are supposed to be done perhaps?! I need to get TLOU remastered still too!

pompombrum1535d ago

I wonder with first person mode and the other extras if it will be a GOTY contender? I think many of us expected Destiny to take that crown but we all know how that turned out and I think first person mode is such a huge addition that it's going to feel like playing an almost entirely different game.

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The story is too old to be commented.