EA Sports UFC Sequel Could Include CM Punk, The Rock and More

According to leaked information, EA are looking to include CM Punk, Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson and other high profile fighters and action movie heroes in the next edition of EA Sports UFC.

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gangsta_red1536d ago

Are they trying to turn UFC into a joke or some kind of parody?

No offense to CM Punk or The Rock, I sure wouldn't want to tussle with those guys in real life but why would they put sport "entertainers" in a UFC game?

That's like putting Juggernaut in the next Madden game.

It cheapens the game in my opinion. UFC has made some great strides trying to be a legitimate sport, putting those guys in would just set them back.

Scatpants1535d ago

They probably had some focus groups that showed them that normal UFC fighters are not big enough names to draw people to the franchise so they want to tack on as many celebrities as they can come up with in an effort to gain a bigger audience. It sounds stupid to me, but it might be just the sort of thing to get 12 year olds to ask their parents to buy them the next UFC game.

zeal0us1535d ago

I would love to see the Juggernaut and other x-men characters in Madden. Hell that would be the first madden game I ever brought.

Moe-Gunz1535d ago

I wouldn't want them in it either and I doubt this will even happen. CM Punk does train though and is known within the MMA world. Still I think this is Bs.

Jason_Plays_PC1535d ago

Whats the Rock 6'5" and 275lbs? Wouldnt he be much too big for like 98% of the ufc (assuming you put him in there of course) imagine a smack off the rock lol.

Scatpants1535d ago

Everyone in the UFC could probably kick the Rock's ass.

jrshankill1535d ago

So.. Bruce Lee?

The whole point is to get more people to buy the product. The link shows a survey, so they are obviously gauging interest. If enough people, like yourself, say no in the survey, then you have nothing to worry about.

To be honest I would like to see Punk and Rock in a UFC game.. it adds something different. We don't need to play as the characters if we don't want to.

Was NBA Jam cheapened by including Bill Clinton, Scorpion and The Fresh Prince? Nah, it added to the game.

The survey also asked if players would like Chuck Norris in the game. A resounding YES please.

LeCreuset1535d ago

NBA Jam was never meant to simulate reality. It was an over-the-top arcade game, top to bottom.

gangsta_red1535d ago

Hey, if some survey asked me if I wanted to see Galactus in FIFA 16, I would say "Yes please" too.

Doesn't make it right and definitely doesn't mean it will make the game better.

If the UFC had an off shoot, over the top game like NBA Jams or Blitz that was more on the arcade style type of sports game then I wouldn't care. But UFC is trying to go for a real life sports simulation like Madden, NBA 2k and others of it's kind.

Imagine if they put the Bad News Bears as an official team of the MLB in The Show? Or the Gas House Gorillas, it just cheapens the game.

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CertifiedGamer1535d ago (Edited 1535d ago )

Next they are going to add Floyd Mayweather and give him a title just so he avoid defending against anyone he knows can beat him. UFC is going to turn into a joke if they do this.

knifefight1535d ago

The DLC pack will be Elvis, Donald Duck, a jar of peanuts, and the guy from the Notre Dame Fighting Irish logo!

Everybody come on in!

Moe-Gunz1535d ago

Don't think this is even remotely true.

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