Here's why Activision blocked PS4's Share Play with Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare

In a statement to GameZone, Activision explains why Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare blocks Share Play on PS4.

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gangsta_red1535d ago

Makes sense, maybe Activision can patch it in sometime in the future.

xHeavYx1535d ago

I'm a bit skeptic about their response, I mean, it's Activision. I guess we''ll wait and see.

lifesanrpg1535d ago

yea but if they did include the feature and it didn't work for some reason, we'd all complain about them rushing it and not testing it properly.

DERKADER1535d ago

SharePlay is an OS feature that has nothing to do with Activision. They chose do dissable the feature. If it didn't work for some reason wouldn't that be Sony's fault?

lipton1011534d ago

I see a response as a positive personally. Let's keep our fingers crossed

wsoutlaw871534d ago

theres nothing for activision to test. They blocked it and gave the generic answer. They just dont want you using it, simple.

fr0sty1534d ago

Share play is an OS level function that utilizes the same streaming hardware used for twitch streams and remote play. It has nothing to do with the developer, other than their ability to switch it off.

freshslicepizza1534d ago

im curious too, i also thought it was under the operating system. if this game is the only one that doesn't use the function then how do they answer that? middle earth shadow of mordor is only region locked as far as i know.

has anyone tried it on older games from last year to see if it works?

donthate1534d ago

An OS feature or not, it still has to be tested. That is why you get some games have bugs in them after a certain update on consoles.

Don't blame Activision, the darn firmware was just released.

They game launched fine, because Activision makes such choices. It's not like the Driveclub disastrous launch!

Ozmoses1534d ago (Edited 1534d ago )

most likely they opted out of SharePlay to ensure that as many copies would be sold as possible..

they know there are groups of people that haven't been happy with COD..

so it makes business sense to nix the Sharing feature so people can't share the game..

there could be internal fears that people might not like it..

I mean the "game" has nothing to do with it... It simply streams the video content... and then when you click the button to let your friend play it simply reverts the "controller" signal to their PS4.. it doesn't affect the "game mode" or any crap like they are suggesting..

it's a pretty straight forward idea the SharePlay..

it makes more sense they opted out for money reasons.. I guess you could say it's the billionaire company version of "penny pinching"

freshslicepizza1534d ago

another activision game, destiny, uses it apparently so im not sure whats really going on

SheenuTheLegend1534d ago

someone test ghost and reply back.that will say it all.

SpikeSpiegel1534d ago

Share play works for Ghosts, so Ill assume its a pr response.

Dramacydal1534d ago (Edited 1534d ago )

Why? It's pretty to the point. What baby did Activision eat, in order for you to be skeptical of a response that read "Water is wet."?

To anyone thinking AW blocked, while other Activision published and developed games support it...wanna buy some magic?

guitarded771534d ago

I know a good way to test it... unblock Share Play.

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Sir_Baron1534d ago

Activision is full of crap, they blocked steam family share too and that's been out for a year.

1534d ago
Pogmathoin1534d ago

Yeah, Activision are lame! They should have had it enabled, even if it was rubbish! We are PS people god damn it! We are a special breed!

OpenGL1534d ago

I agree, there is nothing for Activision to test with Share Play, all of the work has been done on the OS level by Sony. Games that were available at launch and have not been updated since on PS4 support Share Play without issues, Activision doesn't want users to be able to play the game without paying $60.

XanderZane1534d ago

Yes, it makes sense. The only thing that doesn't make sense is why they didn't have access to the feature before Sony launched it. I would have thought that 3rd party devs would have had a couple weeks or more access to Share Play feature before Sony released it to the public. That would have given them enough time to do what they needed to do.

realplu1534d ago

This feature was announced before launch. They knew it was comming. They are feeding us a linel.

XanderZane1534d ago

Obviously not or the block would have already been in place. lol!! Seems Sony didn't send them the patch with the feature or just the feature itself so they could code it in advance. I can definitely see EA blocking all their games for this as they want everyone to use EA Access.

Taero1534d ago (Edited 1534d ago )

@XanderZane - They don't need access to it before launch, it takes the video stream produced on the host ps4 and sends it through the net to the friends PS4 and streams it to their TV. When the friend enters a command on their controller it sends the input back to the host PS4 and again streams the response back to the friend.

If a game works with remote play on the vita (literally all of them) then there's no difference on this. If I see a publisher block share play I'm going to think "Hey...why don't they want people demoing their game? Maybe it's not that good :/"

The caveat to this is multiplayer, I understand blocking that in a game like CoD which is fast paced as input lag wouldn't be a great thing to have on your team.

XanderZane1534d ago

If you can play a game from beginning to end through Share Play, that's not demoing. I'm sure most companies wouldn't want that to happen. They will probably let you play 5-15mins of the game before it goes black. If all the companies got the patch before it was released, all these block and configurations should already be in place by 3rd party companies.

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Blaze9291534d ago (Edited 1534d ago )

I said the same thing would happen about a week ago:

"If Sony is really leaving this up to developers, we'll see how many game support this then. Because we all know how developers work with having options. They dont."

Got 18 disagrees on that. Funny :)

This is Activision we are talking about here. If anyone thinks they are going to allow anyone to play their game for free you are mistaken. Instead of letting users test an OS-feature - they literally took the time (they said they did not have) out, and blocked it. 'nuff said

OpenGL1534d ago

Just look back at the PS3 and Sony's implementation of music playback via the XMB. Sony added the feature in mid-2008 with firmware 2.40 but they foolishly made the feature optional unlike trophies, which were required by all games launched after December 31st, 2008. What happened? Every game that came out supported trophies, while you can probably count the number of PS3 games supporting music playback via the XMB on 2 hands.

What's dumb about this is that it actually took more work by Activision to disable the feature than to leave it enabled by default. The streaming resources used by Share Play are implemented at an OS level and are not accessible to developers.

BABYLEG1534d ago

Yet people make fun of MS when they force devs to implement certain things.

Imagine if devs had to add party chat to all their games?

The more power you have, the less choices you give people.

OpenGL1534d ago


Like when Activision blocked Xbox Live party chat on the Xbox 360 versions of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 or Black Ops?

illAmpRefugee1534d ago

Didnt read article but i can tell u the reason is becus sales its cod and activision they want the ppl who r on the fence to buy the game even if its not 4 them

TreMillz1534d ago

To eeveryone saying it makes sense, then why Ghost,a game one full year older than advance warfare works fine with share play? Once again Activision BS!

morganfell1534d ago (Edited 1534d ago )

By the time Share Play became available, most Ghost sales were through. If anything Share Play with Ghosts would encourage more CoD desire and hence AW sales. Sales are at the bottom of this.

I would have preferred Activision just come out and say it. We did it for the money. I would have thought better of them, not good of them but at least better.

Instead we get a story so thin it's anorexic. It's so thin when it turns sideways you can't see it. It's so thin it has to run around in the shower to get wet. It's so thin when it stands in front of a wall it looks like a crack.

Death1534d ago

All developers are in it for the money. Why would we assume developers want people to play their games for free?



Testing off your friend who bought the game is not the same as playing for free. Which not only says it's about money, but it's about deceiting people in the fence into buying it. The same thing that happened with demos eventually, Activision did with SharePlay on it's first chance...

BoriboyShoGUN1534d ago

It's just stupid because if you share a game with a buddy and they have a good experience with the game they would probably buy a copy. I stayed away from this game but if i had the chance to test it out who knows!

morganfell1534d ago

I disagree all developers are in it for the money. Many? Yes. Most? Who knows? All? No, no not all developers.

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madmonkey011534d ago

they would rather charge you for that hours game play.

ITPython1534d ago

They say their engineers didn't have access to it before it released? Bull. COD might be the biggest gaming franchise today, and there is no way Sony wouldn't have approached them LONG ago and given them what they needed to get it implemented and tested.

I don't doubt MS was behind this one, I just wonder how many millions they gave Activision to prevent the inclusion of Shareplay.

BoriboyShoGUN1534d ago

Exactly!!! It works fine on MLB the ShoW and older titles. Just typical COD greed, don't hold your breath on that patch anytime soon.

BISHOP-BRASIL1534d ago (Edited 1534d ago )

It even work on COD Ghosts! LOL

EDIT: Huh... I double checked and some people say it doesn't work... I learnt it did work through Game Informer (on the last lines)...

Anyway, I'll try and reach a friend with the game later to try it out as I don't have it myself.

medman1534d ago (Edited 1534d ago )

Sniff....sniff...oh, oh, activision...I smell....bullsh*t.

kparks1534d ago

Wait so destiny published by activision and released months ago supports share play but call of duty published by activision and just realeased does not and there gonna stand there and say the feature is too new...... BS!

mmcglasson1534d ago

I'm pretty sure almost all launch titles are available for SharePlay... They didn't have to code or test this and it works fine... This is a complete lie. They didn't want people demoing their game. Or playing there game for a little and then not buying it.

brads41534d ago

They will enable share play once the game is no longer $60 at retail. You mark my words.

nosferatuzodd1534d ago

only gullible idiots would believe this crap that activision came up with

Spenok1534d ago

Hopefully they do. I didn't realize this and tried to get a friend to let me share play so I could give it a try. However it didn't tell me the game didn't support it. It just told me the internet connection was too slow to use the feature. Guess I know why it didn't work now. Oh well. Saves me $60 for the time being.

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TheJacksonRGN1535d ago (Edited 1535d ago )

It does makes sense.

The93Sting1534d ago (Edited 1534d ago )

no it doesn't, it's like telling us "you want to play it? then give us your god damn money and you'll have it!" unbelievable how greedy activision has become.

Assassingamer1361534d ago

How is it greedy? They own the game and publish it. If they don't want to share play the game then they don't have to, look at your comment, "if you want to plau then give us your money" umm exactly you want to play it you buy it, you're not entitled to anything. Hell if I was releasing a game as a developer I wouldn't make it functional with share play, people are too greedy

Death1534d ago

Try going to McDonalds later on and see if they will share a Big Mac extra value meal with you. I bet they try to sell it to you instead. Bunch of greedy bastards there too.

LeCreuset1534d ago


People are too greedy? This is nothing more than the evolution of online multiplayer, emulating the couch co-op experience which, if anything, has suffered since online console gaming. This is a feature that is logical and, quite frankly, overdue.


A more accurate analogy would be McDonalds forbidding you from sharing the Big Mac you bought with a friend. Some of you act like this is giving another copy of the game away for free. It's not. There are evident restrictions intended to limit the experience to replicate local co-op. You are able to do with the friend you play online with what you are able to do with a friend who comes over to play.

Of course, you were the guy concern trolling PS+ just a few weeks ago, complaining about a lack of new features. Now they release a big feature and, as usual, you try to make it sound like a bad thing. Just like you did with PS+ games, saying they were bad for the industry, declaring you would happily pay Sony $50/year just for online multiplayer, with no game offerings, only to turn around and complain about getting indie titles.

ColeMacGrath1534d ago (Edited 1534d ago )

You say this..
"Hell if I was releasing a game as a developer I wouldn't make it functional with share play"

Then this..
"people are too greedy"

Which points out your hypocrisy.

Oh and BTW, let's imagine share play as game lending and borrowing, like if your friend bought a game, then he has the right to lend it to anyone, since he 'owns' it now. And simply share play is pretty much the same concept, and in a business matter, this might actually increase the game's sales a bit. So it could possibly be a win-win situation for both ends.

mmcglasson1534d ago


I wish I could give you 20 more bubbles for thinking logically.

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BattleTorn1534d ago (Edited 1534d ago )

"Our engineers didn’t have access to it before it launch"
"Of course we wouldn’t include a feature in our game without having the chance to test it."

...... works with all released games......

They might as well have release the statement "herpty derpty derpa derp"

Legend1534d ago

no it doesn't, it's like telling us "you want to play it? then give us your god damn money and you'll have it!" unbelievable how greedy activision has become.

Is this a serious comment? You are upset at a business for being a business? If so, you should probably start reading more things that aren't text boxes on your television because this is the dumbest thing I've read in a minute.

Assassingamer1361534d ago (Edited 1534d ago )

Right?! And I got disagrees for pretty much stating the same thing lol they know nothing about how the world works. Everything should be catered to them because they are "entitled" to whatever crap rights they think they have.

Assassingamer1361534d ago (Edited 1534d ago )

@coleMacgrath how is it hypocritical? That makes no sense, so I make the game to make money but instead you people want to take advantage of share play and play the game I made and I am selling for free. It's business. Does that mean the tv you own or the systems you own should be free to you because the people who made the tv or that system are trying to sell their products are unfair and hypocritical as well? Right... Im hypocritical. I said I wouldn't make MY game functional with share play because people should buy it if they want to play. I am not forcing them to buy it. If they want or need to play then buy the damn game, work is not free.

ColeMacGrath1534d ago (Edited 1534d ago )

As I said, share play works almost like lending and borrowing games digitally, except its a bit more limiting than physically, which obviously because of the limited time of sessions. What's wrong with that now? Or do you like the DRM crap MS did which stopped people from trading their games? I called you a hypocrite thinking that you already unserstand the concept, but you apparently don't.

Assassingamer1361534d ago

@ColeMacGrath No you called me a hypocrite because I said "Hell if I was releasing a game as a developer I wouldn't make it functional with share play"
Then this..
"people are too greedy"
Pretty much referring as if I'm a hypocrite because I wouldn't use the share play function on my games. There is no concept that you made up in your little world lol, its how business runs you don't like the idea then don't buy the game and don't play it. Just because Sony made a share play function does not mean every single developer has to support it, learn how the real world works boy. With share play a guy can let another person beat a whole game and even play online single or cooperatively with a friend, essentially like a full game. If I was a business I would want to sell as many copies as possible and not have moochers play my game without spending a dime. This is only me tho, all I am saying is I understand why business practices do this.

kparks1534d ago

How does that make sense when destiny already supports it there completely full of shit as usual!

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typittt691535d ago

Is it like remote vita play? Outputting at 30fps only or full framerate? That's one of the reason why i dont use vita remote play unless the game is originally 30fps like destiny.

Death1534d ago

I tried remote play with Driveclub last night just to see how it works. I really don't understand what people see when they talk about how great it is. I had a big smile when I seen the start screen on my Vita. The smile quickly wore off when I started playing the game. I'm going to change the setting next time and see if it makes the game feel smoother. I could feel the lag. I'm sure you get used to it and adjust, but I don't know if it is something I will take the time to do when I prefer to play it on the big screen.

Immorals1535d ago

Completing the single player and selling. The multi is awful. I don't know how they can release something that badly designed..

ThatOneGuyThere1534d ago

you're crazy. though, the one thing i dont like is the pistols. theyre kind of worthless unless you're in hardcore

WalterWJR1534d ago

The grenades are worthless also.

This is my first call of duty since black ops 1 and honestly I think it's to fast for my brain these days. The pace of the game is pretty relentless.

Immorals1534d ago (Edited 1534d ago )

Let me list my problems with the game before you judge me fully crazy;

The maps are terrible. They are camper orientated. There are 'out of bounds' areas. The spawn system seems like it's designed by a 4 year old.

The guns all feel the same.

Grenades are worthless.

The lag is terrible. There's no excuse for using p2p in a modern game, let alone a billion dollar IP like call of duty.

No demolition, and all the game modes turn into a deathmatch where everyone ignores the objectives.

Lastly, quickscoping. Just, no.

XtraTrstrL1535d ago

Sounds like BS, coming from them. If they said it definitely had issues and they were working on it - fine. Activision doesn't care about performance though, just look at Ghosts on PS4 and you can see that Activision isn't concerned at all about having their devs put out top performing software.

vongruetz1534d ago

I think the one thing we can all agree on is that this explanation is total BS.

Share Play is not a feature of any game, it's a feature of the console. It's just like remote play. The game devs don't have to do anything for it. You can play Knack via Share Play and Studio Japan didn't have to test it with the 2.00 firmware.

And when companies make these obviously BS statements that anyone with a crumb of intelligence knows is a lie, it pisses me off. It's like Ubisoft and the AC Unity resolution statement about "avoiding debate." Don't make a public statement which lies to me and then pretend nothing's wrong. I don't appreciate it and I won't support companies who do this crap.