Let’s Play Halo: The Master Chief Collection – Halo 2: Regret

EB's Matt Heywood writes, "The latest entry in our series of Halo: The Master Chief Collection Let’s Play videos is of the “Regret” campaign mission from Halo 2 Anniversary. Once again the game looks amazing with its 1080p visuals and 60fps upgrades. Just be aware that the video was recorded from the Xbox One using the twitch app, so they 60fps will not be realized in this format, but the quality work 343 Industries put into this collection can still be appreciated."

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Edward751532d ago

That music..... Possibly the best soundtrack for a game. So epic, and it always sets the mood of the game. Quite possibly a secret reason everyone enjoys these games!

Foehammer1531d ago

Truly EPIC

It's funny to think that ppl would actually buy the soundtrack to a video game, but this is an exception.

1532d ago
VegasDawg1531d ago

It's better than I expected, I think I like the new sound effects best, those guns sound wicked.