The Death of Call of Duty, Halo: The Master Chief Collection, Nintendo Direct | GameRevolution Radio

GR: GameRevolution's Daniel Bischoff and Alex Osborn discuss the Call of Duty franchise and speculate as to whether or not the franchise will live on forever. The podcast crew also talks Halo: MCC as well as Grand Theft Auto V's first-person mode and the latest Nintendo Direct.

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dbjj120881531d ago

Is it the end? Probably not. Should it be?

Immorals1531d ago

Yes. Gave it a chance, regretted it. cod has always had spawn issues and lag, but this is another level.

Nice one Activision:

ziggurcat1531d ago

what's the specific issue in that video you keep posting?

Immorals1531d ago

I respawn literally in the same place as an enemy player. Not the first time, either

otherZinc1531d ago

COD needs to use M$s servers for the XBOX ONE.

That should be part of M$s exclusive deal, forget the early dlc.

Masterchief_thegoat1531d ago

Sure aw is fun game but tmcc is classic. I take 2&3 halo mp over any cod game

TheLastColossus1531d ago

M$ will still pay for early dlc

knifefight1531d ago

Press F to pay respects.