PS4 Exclusive The Tomorrow Children’s Alpha Won’t Have an NDA; No Plans for a Beta

If you haven’t been accepted in the alpha testing of The Tomorrow Children, chances are that you won’t get a chance to play the game until it gets released next year, but you'll still be able to check out a lot of gameplay.

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pedrof931537d ago (Edited 1537d ago )

This is ridiculous, an alpha of a game is a game test that only is only available within the company, when the alpha is released to the public THEN it becomes a BETA. There's no point in calling beta or alfa then.

Stick891537d ago (Edited 1537d ago )

Alpha and Beta are milestones set up by the developer at which point they decide to test the game. Alpha tests focus more on actual game-play mechanics and core functionality. Where as Beta tests focus on bugs/glitches and connectivity issues. They both can be private/public tests.

Mr Logic1537d ago

I think it's just a marketing thing nowadays. If you say BETA for game X then people think the game is basically done and you are hammering out any network issues and little things. Whereas if you say it's an ALPHA then people will say "but it's teh alpha. it's supposed to be broken" like with the recent EVOLVE which launches in only a few months so calling it Alpha is laughable.

GillHarrison1537d ago

Your comment is incorrect. At most software companies, an alpha represents a very early version of the core software that could possibly have little or nothing to do with the final product. A beta is when all major features have been implemented and has entered a polishing stage with fixes like code refinement and bug squashing.

slate911537d ago

This game looks so original and refreshing. I can't wait to play it

medman1537d ago

It may sound a bit strange, but whenever I see the clone kids in the game running, it brings a smile to my face. They're too cute, and the animation is incredible.

CorruptBoyd1537d ago

I got invited! Hell yeh been stoked for this game since its announcement.