Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Multiplayer Gameplay

Noah Todd says, "Today, I show just two short clips of Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare with no commentary just to give those wanting a feel for what the game sounds like and also a taste of what the multiplayer is like. And yes, before you say anything, they aren't amazing clips, but I tried. Hope you enjoy."

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Cream1538d ago (Edited 1538d ago )

that first kill was BS.
other than that... Why is a great question.
I watched my friend play this game and it was just as boring.
Oh man... I wished you guys were there.

Utalkin2me1538d ago

Yeah, watching someone play a game is a little boring.

Noahmtodd1538d ago

For those wanting to see the game with no commentary or anything of that sort.

spicelicka1538d ago

LOL who was that solid snake at 2:29, he was so stealthy, right under the feet!

Noahmtodd1538d ago

Lol, I didn't notice him at all. Crazy.

3-4-51538d ago (Edited 1538d ago )

Why would they post a video of arguably the worst map in the game ?

Looks nice, but it's a bit small.

This game is a lot of fun though, especially on the better maps.