Xbox One digital tv tuner review - Xbox Players

With a HDMI interface already available can a digital TV signal change the way you use your console?

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hothead1533d ago

This is brilliant for those who don't have a sky box or something similar makes it easier to game and watch TV

Foehammer1533d ago

It just does everything.

KiwiViper851533d ago

Jealous, hope this comes to NZ.

I won't be forced to watch The Block before I can start gaming.

redwin1533d ago

I want that in the US, I'm looking to ditch my cable box.

kneon1533d ago

I'll be surprised if it releases in the US, Sony never brought their PlayTV to the US last gen, I think there just isn't much demand in markets with such high cable and satellite TV penetration.

gangsta_red1533d ago

Does the US even have free over the air channels?

Software_Lover1533d ago

Hard to receive now. Thank the lobbyist and THEIR elected officials

Bigpappy1533d ago

It's still there. I would also use it if it came to the U.S.

darthv721533d ago

Yes. While you wont get the channels like TBS or TNT you will still be able to get your local TV channels over the air.

Networks like NBC, CBS, ABC, FOX, PBS all have local affiliates in every city in the US.

Skate-AK1533d ago

In Alaska you can get about 15 free channels. Good thing I have cable.

IronWaffle1533d ago (Edited 1533d ago )

Yeah over the air HD is available now, (and there are alot of channles) but like Software-Lover said Lobbyists are trying to put an end to that. I expect this movement to be greatly intensified now that Republicans have control of the House and the Senate.

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