Will Players Actually Spend Time in GTA V’s First Person Mode?

CraveOnline: "As the gaming media collectively ogles over the sheer attention to detail, the volume of reworked graphics, camera physics, et cetera lovingly woven into the original Los Santos we met just 13 months ago, I can’t help but wonder about what to me seems relatively obvious. For all the work that’s been funneled into this, how often are players actually going to use it?"

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madmonkey011534d ago

i will try it, if i like it, i will spend time using it.

novacav1534d ago

Do you think it'll enhance your immersion, or just be a fun thing to mess with? That's what I'm mostly curious about. I'm fine either way, but I'm kind of weirded out by certain GTA-isms from that perspective. Suddenly punching some dude on the street might actually make you feel bad.

Then again, I'm sure we'll all be quickly desensitized as we have been in the past.

camel_toad1534d ago

Im telling myself Im going to play the entire story in fps view, but who knows.

GarrusVakarian1534d ago (Edited 1534d ago )

I think it will be a HUGE boost to immersion. All those little world details that Rockstar are so good at will be so much noticeable when viewed in FP. Instead of you looking at a character in the world, it will be like you're experiencing the world yourself.

I've played the game for days on end in third-person on PS3; first-person will give the game a fresh perspective for me. I'll most likely play it exclusively in FP now.

Oh, and one other thing....JET DOGFIGHTS IN FIRST-PERSON! Hnghhhhh!

SoulMikeY1534d ago

I don't understand people thinking things like First Person and Camera Shake (while running)helps immerse you. Camera shake is one of the worst features ever invented to me and has sometimes deterred me from buying a game.

I guess I'm able to separate myself from thinking I'm in a video game world. And I play games, not "simulators".

On Topic, I will always prefer third person games over first, so not for me.

opoikl1534d ago

I'm interested most to see how much of a chance you've got to outrun the cops in missions that automatically make you deal with 4 to 5 stars. Here's hoping you can change the view modes with a simple button press so you can change back and forth if necessary (in case you need an overview of the traffic around you or something similar).

madmonkey011534d ago

@ novacav, i never played the ps3 version, so i honestly dont know if it will enhance the immersion, untill i try it.

lipton1011534d ago

If it's as good as I'm hyping myself up to be, I'll play the whole damn thing in FPS. I've never been so excited for a game that I've already beaten and played extensively

Gaming1011534d ago

FPS mode will be treated the same way that most tacked on multiplayer game modes from 10 years ago were treated... you will try it for a bit, and either strangely like it or toss it aside like an old shoe.

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zeldapkmn1534d ago

@opoikl You can change the view instantly with the PS4 touchpad.

annoyedgamer1534d ago

Definitely, people have a curious urge to go after what they do not have. If there is a popular FPS a 3rd person version is requested, if their is a popular TPS, a first person version is also requested.

novacav1534d ago

Very true. I'm definitely excited to try it. I just wonder if, when I begin my "first-person playthrough," if I'll actually stick to it or just switch back all the time. It's not a problem if I do, but it should be interesting to see if it's truly compelling over 10, 20, 30 hours.

LarVanian1534d ago (Edited 1534d ago )

I have the same sentiments as madmonkey1. I would love to try and do a full playthrough in First person provided it works well.
Skydiving in FP ought to be fun. Probably even better than Far Cry because of how high you could fly in GTAV.

FlameWater1534d ago

not even a real question

FITgamer1534d ago

I'll try it out, but GTA is meant to played 3rd person.

novacav1534d ago

Yeah, that's my gut feeling too. If everyone feels that way though, it seems like a whole lot of effort from R* for something that's going to be dabbled with then in some cases largely discarded.

On the other hand, they've probably already boosted pre-orders just by announcing it.

GarrusVakarian1534d ago

Nah, I disagree with games needing to stay to strict guidelines. Games need to stay fresh, introducing a new perspective does just that. And the best thing about it? It's completely optional.

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